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Update 16
Date November 09, 2005


  • EverQuest II celebrates its first birthday by introducing Veteran Rewards!
  • Griffon tamers are seeking your assistance in the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest!
  • Give the residents of Norrath a fresh look with the new SOGA character models!
  • Two new iksar scale patterns now available for each gender!
  • Crusaders, Mages, and Priests can now equip symbols in their ranged slot!
  • Carry extra ammo in quivers you can equip!
  • Using clickable items is now even easier, and food and drink get their own inventory slots!
  • Population and item improvements made in some of Norrath's deadly dungeons!
  • Can't reach your spirit shard? Now you can have your spirit restored... for a price!
  • Guild quest raids now scale according to player level and reward additional status!
  • The user interface gets a spiffy new look!

Veteran Rewards

  • To celebrate the first birthday of EverQuest II, we're thanking our players by introducing Veteran Rewards. These rewards are items given to our players based on how long their EQ2 account has been active.
  • The Details tab of the Persona window now shows how many days your EverQuest II account has been active.
  • For example, if you subscribed to EQ2 for 3 months, unsubscribed for 2 months, and subscribed again for 3 months, you would be considered a 6-month veteran. If you had a standard EQ2 account for 6 months and switched to Station Access for the next 6 months, you would be entitled to a full year.
  • Please note: Subscribers who have switched between a standard EQ2 account and Station Access may only see the number of days the most recent account type has been active in the Persona window. However, the cumulative subscription time is being tracked and your rewards will be awarded correctly.
  • Players will receive a notice in their chat window when Veteran Rewards are available to them. They can be obtained by using the /claim command.
  • Subscribers will receive all reward tiers for which they have qualified. For example, someone with an account that has been active for at least 6 months will receive the 6-month, 3-month, 1-month, 1-week, and 1-day Veteran Rewards.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Veteran Rewards can be claimed on up to 3 characters per account, so be sure which characters you want to have access to these items.
  • Here is a list of all the Veteran Rewards available so far. All items in each tier can be claimed once you reach that reward level.

Account active at least 1 day:

  • 12 slot bag

Account active at least 1 week:

  • Adventure XP bonus potion (26% XP bonus - Temporary)
  • Tradeskill XP bonus potion (26% XP bonus - Temporary)

Account active at least 1 month:

  • Wand of debt removal
  • Wand of spirit shard recovery
  • House Decoration: Weapon Rack

Account active at least 3 months:

  • Reforming stone that gives you a single /respec to change your Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training choices
  • House Decoration: Tombstone
  • Fireworks

Account active at least 6 months:

  • Adventure XP bonus potion (37% XP bonus - Temporary)
  • Tradeskill XP bonus potion (37% XP bonus - Temporary)

Account active at least 12 months:

  • Suffix title: the Loyal
  • Adventure XP bonus potion (52% XP bonus - Temporary)
  • Tradeskill XP bonus potion (52% XP bonus - Temporary)

Account active at least 18 months:

  • Fireworks
  • House Decoration: Pirate Flag

Account active at least 24 months:

  • Suffix title: the Dedicated
  • Adventure XP bonus potion (52% XP bonus - Temporary)
  • Tradeskill XP bonus potion (52% XP bonus - Temporary)

Reclaiming the Wilderness

  • Griffon tamers have being spotted gathering construction materials in the Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest... but they need your help!
  • The cursed spirits of these untamed lands are rising up to interfere with the efforts of the griffon tamers. Fight back against the undead so the workers can complete their task.
  • The workers also require assistance gathering resources and building components to aid in their construction efforts. The foreman at each site will let you know how you can help!
  • There are a number of construction sites in each region. All citizens of Norrath need to work together to complete this monumental undertaking!
  • This is your chance to make your mark on the world and help reclaim the Shattered Lands!

SOGA Models

  • You can now choose to use either the SOGA models (featured in the EQ2 East version of the game available in many Asian countries) or the original character models!
  • You can select which race-gender combinations you would like to see in the SOGA Models tab of the Options menu.
  • Your choices determine which models you see on your screen. Other players will see your character as whichever model they have chosen to display.
  • There are SOGA models available for the following races: Barbarian, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Erudite, Gnome, Half Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Ogre, and Wood Elf.
  • There is now an option on the character select screen to customize a SOGA appearance for existing characters that have a corresponding SOGA model.
  • Select the character you want to customize and click the "Set SOGA Appearance" button.
  • You can use this option even if you don't intend to use the SOGA character models yourself. Other players using the SOGA models will see the appearance that you customize.
  • Currently you can only set a SOGA appearance once, so make sure your customizations are set the way you want them before saving.
  • Note: You must check the Additional Live Game Content box in the Preferences window of the EverQuest II Launchpad in order to download and view the optional SOGA character models.

New Iksar Scales

  • Two new scale patterns have been added for male and female iksar characters.
  • These new skin patterns allow for a much wider range of colors.

Ranged Slot Equipment

  • Crusaders, Mages, and Priests can now equip most symbols (censers, dolls, idols, orbs, steins, symbols, tablets, and tomes) in their ranged slot in addition to their secondary slot.
  • These symbols will not provide a ranged attack, but they will give their indicated stat benefits to the wearer.
  • In the future, new types of items will be created for these classes that will be ranged-slot only.


  • Tailors now have recipes that allow them to make quivers and sacks, special containers to hold ammunition which can be equipped in the ammo slot.
  • Carry more ammo and reduce clutter in your other bags!
  • These new recipes have been added to existing recipe books, so if you have scribed the books you will automatically have the recipes.

Charm Slots and Clickable Items

  • The Activatable slots are now called Charm slots. They have been moved below your other inventory slots.
  • Many clickable items (such as potions or aqueous stones) can now be activated directly from your inventory (by right-clicking and using them), or they can be dragged to your hotkey bars and used with the press of a button.
  • Clickable items that provide buffs or have castable effects (such as Hex Dolls) must be equipped in a Charm slot to use. If you examine an item and it says "Slot: Charm," that means you must equip it to use it. If the examine info says that the Charm slot is optional, you can use the item from your inventory.
  • If you drag an expendable item or stack of items to your hotkey bar, you will see the number of charges left or items remaining in your inventory. For example, if you have two stacks of 10 of the same clickable item, your hotkey button will show that you have 20 items total.
  • Hotkeys made by dragging an item to your hotkey bar will grey out if you run out of that item. When you acquire more and put them anywhere in your inventory, the hotkey will show how many you now possess.
  • By default, clicking on a clickable item in your inventory will try to equip it. You can change the default action to attempt to use the item in the Options menu: User Interface-->Inventory-->Use item on mouse double-click.
  • Items that need to be worn in a particular inventory slot to activate their effects (Fishbone Earring, imbued rings, etc.) must still be equipped in order to use them.

Food and Drink

  • Food and drink must now be equipped in the Inventory window to be consumed. The food/drink slots are located where the Activatable slots used to be.
  • You can toggle whether you want nourishment in your food and drink slots to be consumed automatically when you get hungry or thirsty. Right click on each slot and set Auto-Consume on or off.
  • Dragging your food and drink slots to your hotkey bars, coupled with setting Auto-Consume to off, will allow you to consume food and drink at the touch of a button.
  • If you wish to consume a different kind of food or drink while existing food/drink buffs are still active, you can put your new nourishment in the appropriate slot, right-click it, and select "Consume Now."

Dungeon Exploration

  • Some of the dark, deadly dungeons of the Shattered Lands now offer greater opportunities and rewards to adventurers who dare to face their challenges.
  • Dungeons included in this round of updates are Blackburrow, Runnyeye, and the Temple of Cazic-Thule.
  • Many existing named encounters have been changed, and the treasures gained by defeating them have been improved. Loot will be unique to each named rather than shared across a global drop table.
  • New named mobs and events have been added to these zones, as well as new or improved item drops.
  • Named mobs tend to have recognizable placeholders. While named encounters are still rare spawns, in many cases they will be seen more often.


  • Named mobs have unique drops and provide a better chance at Fabled items and Master spells.


  • The zone population was adjusted to make progression flow more smoothly.
  • The epic instances no longer require the completion of access quests.
  • Using exits to the Enchanted Lands no longer require quest completion.
  • Some evil eyes now see invisible... because they're big freakin' eyes.

The Temple of Cazic-Thule

  • Named mobs (except for Xiggalg and Venekor) are heroic ^^^ fights.
  • Many common creatures have been moved to locations that make more sense. Spiders live near shrubs, goo creatures live near the water, etc.
  • Search out the Swirling Ooze in the Temple of Cazic-Thule to start the ancient Ring of Slime event.

Spirit Shard Potions

  • If you die and leave a spirit shard in a dangerous location (or you just don't feel like going back for it), you can now purchase potions that will restore your missing shard.
  • Alchemists have devised a potion that will restore a missing spirit shard. Each potion restores a single missing shard.
  • The potion is automatically consumed immediately upon purchase. The alchemists will only sell you a potion if you currently have a missing shard. You can't buy a potion in advance and carry it with you.
  • The price of these potions depends on the level of the character. High-level characters will be paying more for this service.
  • Reputable alchemists that are licensed by the cities sell these potions in North Qeynos, Qeynos Harbor, North Freeport, and East Freeport.
  • Shifty alchemists that sell their potions through the black market have been spotted near the docs of Nektulos Forest, the Thundering Steppes, and the Sinking Sands. Because they are unlicensed, they will charge more than reputable alchemists in the cities.

Guild Raid Quests

  • Guild raids assigned in the cities now scale according to the average level of the players entering the zone.
  • The minimum level for the raid is indicated by the level of the quest, and the raids scale all the way up to level 60.
  • In addition to the fixed amount of status awarded by the quest, additional guild status will be rewarded upon defeating the boss inside the zone.
  • The bosses of these zones have typically been given one additional ability to increase their level of challenge and help prepare up-and-coming guilds for more powerful epic raid targets in other zones.
  • Note: Item drops will be changed to reflect this level scaling, but currently the existing items will continue to drop.

Desert of Flames

Arena Champions

  • The arenas of Qeynos and Freeport now welcome combatants to participate in Arena Champions!

Zones and Population

  • Players can now reenter Lockjaw's Lair after 60 minutes instead of 6 days if they haven't successfully defeated Lockjaw.
  • Choosing to revive after dying in Dorn's Cache will now put you much closer to the entrance of the zone.
  • Monkeys now attack occupied monkey traps.
  • Ceremonial daggers from the Court of the Blades should now work again to retake Court of Tears towers.
  • The Keeper of Silence is now more likely to provide dragon scales.
  • The Pedestal of Sky event has been adjusted to account for recent changes to combat.


  • Certain dropped pieces of chain and vanguard armor now have new appearances.
  • Hand of the Godking is now a 2H weapon instead of 1H, as it was designed to be based on its appearance. Its stats have been improved.
  • Fate has smiled upon its Ring, causing it to become even more powerful.


  • Tears grifter quests now create a waypoint to the entrance of the nearest residence. Quest XP rewards have been adjusted to better fit the time required to complete them.
  • Muyassar Zuhur, Dirar Muti, and Fadi Miyaz will now allow high-faction members of their respective courts to complete pending faction quests.
  • Lee Chen will now respond to those working on the "Learning the Ways" quest.
  • Learning the Monks Way should now update properly.
  • Flowmaster Utat, Flowmaster Moru, Flowmaster Dalu, and the Sul Priestess of the Fyr’Un should be seen more frequently in the Living Tombs.
  • The quests Proving Grounds and Trials of Ash no longer ask you to defeat an enlightened desert prophet or an enlightened desert lunatic.
  • Stopping the Flow has been changed. Its journal text and requirements have been revised, so those currently on the quest who have not completed it will need to restart it.

The Splitpaw Saga

  • Gladiator's Triumph, Arena of Heroes, Acts of War, and Brutal Acts of War now provide rewards to level 60 characters.
  • Characters who have not yet completed "The Ark of Harclave" quest or who have yet to earn the trust of the Splitpaw gnolls may enter the Trial of Harclave once every 72 hours. Those who have completed the quest or earned their teleportation shard can only receive the Harclave quest once per level and will have a 72-hour reuse timer on the zone.


  • The rate at which higher-level players gain vitality has been increased, as has the maximum amount of vitality they can store up. This was done because players would burn through vitality too quickly at higher levels.
  • If a raid leader goes linkdead with looting rights set to Leader Only, the new raid leader will be able to loot items.
  • You can now loot corpses from farther away.
  • Characters on mounts can no longer use the crouch command.
  • Zoning should no longer cause food and drink buffs to sometimes drop.
  • You now swim faster when heading up toward the surface of the water.

Zones and Population

  • The populations of the Isle of Refuge, the Thieves' Way, and the Down Below have been made more accessible to soloers and small groups.
  • Grozmog now lives closer to the mines.
  • Niscanith's special abilities have been adjusted to be more manageable.
  • Bloodskull mystics have been forced to dress more appropriately, as have Nerius tacticians.
  • Using the Mysterious Portal will no longer cause the entire group to leave the Obelisk of Lost Souls.
  • Lord Gydak in Stormhold has been adjusted to offer a more appropriate challenge.

Epic Encounters

  • The innate abilities of many named and epic bosses were adjusted. Many named quest targets that had become too difficult after the combat changes in Live Update #13 should now present a more appropriate challenge.
  • Certain epic encounters intended for players around level 50 were adjusted to provide a better sense of progression. Some were made slightly easier, others somewhat more challenging. For example, we recommend Rognog the Angler as a good starting point for guilds that are beginning to raid.
  • Instead of dropping alternatives to rare harvested components, encounters will now simply drop the components (e.g. Rough Ruby).

Heritage Quests

  • Many heritage quests have been changed to be more fun and less tedious:
  • A number of named creatures related to heritage quests now have placeholders with distinct names themselves.
  • The respawn times on some creatures have been reduced, while others now have a greater likelihood of spawning.
  • Several creatures that used to despawn after a period of time no longer do so.
  • Two named creatures related to the Greater Lightstone quest are now Heroic x1 instead of Heroic x2.
  • The following heritage quests have been modified: Bag of Sewn Evil Eye, Flowing Black Silk Sash, Ghoulbane, Golden Efreeti Boots, Greater Lightstone, Manastone, Polished Granite Tomahawk, Screaming Mace, Shiny Brass Halberd, Short Sword of the Ykesha, Stein of Moggok, Tobin's Mystical Eyepatch, Dwarven Work Boots, Glowing Black Stone, Guise of the Deceiver, Heirophant's Crook, Crown of King Tranix.
  • The banner collection step for the Crown of King Tranix heritage quest has been adjusted.
  • Speaking to Wensa, Rinis, and Shelmay for the Short Sword of the Ykesha heritage quest will now update the whole raid, not just the group.
  • More boulderings have crawled out of the magma in Lavastorm; however, they will not all possess a bouldering heart.
  • Deleting the Bone Bladed Claymore quest while in a frenzy will now calm you and allow you back into your home city.


  • Many of the tomes found in Zek, the Orcish Wastes are available as Second Edition collectors' books! These books are also available through Sages Indis Surion and Navarius Orvalis if you have previously completed the old tome version of those quests.
  • The four named soul harvesters needed for the optional quest to enter the Obelisk of Lost Souls will now be seen more frequently. Their loot drops have been adjusted since they will appear more often.
  • Arven no longer requires the completion of "Ruins of Varsoon: Investigating the Masoleum" before he will give the Chamber of Immortality access quest, "Where Will This Lead Me?"
  • Killing any owlbear in Nektulos forest will now count for the quest Mercenary Contract - Owlbear Extinction.
  • Page 8 of The Cleft Dweller and the title page of the Freeport Sewers Creature Catalog have been corrected.
  • Maimun will now let you know that he needs the flowers if you aren't currently carrying them.
  • The Hundred Fold Blade quest can now be completed correctly.
  • An Icy Coin is once again available in Everfrost.
  • Completing the Visions of Hatred quest should now open the appropriate door in Nektropos Castle.
  • Qeynos citizens with the following quests should now be able to complete them by talking to the appropriate person in Freeport: Rusty Symbol of Marr, Natasha's Note, Shivo's Arcane Rod, Hideous Troll Locket, Missing Music Box, Chuggle's Toolbox, Failed Assassin, Stolen Chest, The Pirate Hoop, A Fallen Retriever.
  • Freeport citizens with the following quests should now be able to complete them by talking to the appropriate person in Qeynos: An Intriguing Eye, Forgotten Shroud.
  • Exterminating the Contaminated Rats and Saving the Sewage Pumps can now be initiated by players of any level.
  • Far Seas Requisition EMC0276 can now be started correctly.
  • Note from the Quartermaster should now update when hailing Matsy.
  • You can now receive the Trinkets of the Dead quest if you have already completed Ghost Stuff and Something Twisted.
  • Flame Lord Thyr is no longer an epic opponent.
  • The Face of Terror and Fearbringer quest starters now have a high value to merchants even though they no longer give a quest.


  • Dual-wield weapons now do additional damage, since they miss more auto-attack chances when using spells and combat arts. They also have a better chance to trigger their proc effects.
  • Fast weapons with a low delay are now less likely to cause a defender to riposte than slower weapons with a long delay.
  • Shields will now correctly display their chance to block on the Persona window. The displayed value corresponds to the shield factor of the shield. NOTE: This was a display bug only. Block chances were being computed correctly in combat.
  • Ebon and cobalt crafted plate has been changed to a new armor texture that shows its tint better.
  • Many quest reward armor pieces in the level 30 range now have different appearances and/or tints.
  • Some pieces of armor that drop in Runnyeye now have updated appearances and/or tints.
  • City faction merchants will now accept all levels of status loot rather than specific levels.
  • The descriptions on status loot will now indicate the relative value of each type of drop.
  • All halberds have been changed from Great Spears to Great Axes.
  • The Shady Swashbuckler XVIII is now able to sell back the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore to those who sold or destroyed theirs.
  • Rare generic corpse loot items will no longer be designated as Fabled. These items were never intended to have this label, as they are clearly not Fabled items. As a side effect, some of the values merchants will pay for these items have changed.
  • Rare corpse loot items marked as "Looted X treasure" now have a higher value to merchants.
  • The spirit horse and flying carpet mounts can now be purchased at a more reasonable price. The old versions of these two mounts can be sold to the stable hands for a refund on the status spent and close to the amount of platinum originally spent.
  • Hex dolls spell effects can now be interrupted while casting.
  • The poison Irrepressible Vexation should no longer disappear upon zoning.

Spells and Combat Arts

  • Beneficial spells that cause damage as part of their effect (e.g. spells that convert health to power) should no longer do additional damage if the caster increases his or her intelligence.
  • Spells that grant immunity to certain negative effects (such as root, stun, and stifle) will no longer prevent beneficial spells from applying those conditions.
  • Beneficial spells should fizzle slightly less frequently, depending on the caster's skills.
  • Charm spells cast by NPCs now have shorter durations and are more likely to break.
  • All area-of-effect spells that affect only a single encounter no longer have a target limit.
  • All area-of-effect spells that do not target a specific encounter now affect a maximum of 8 targets.
  • Evacs and other beneficial AoE spells will now land on friendly targets using spells that prevent harmful AoE spells (such as the Warlock's Summon Shadows).
  • Many Scout attacks that debuff more than one attribute now generate less hate.
  • Fear spells now gain additional duration as they are upgraded at higher levels.
  • The following spells no longer stack their intelligence bonuses: Dazzling Seal (Wizard), Mark of the Miasmic (Necromancer), Signet of Intuition (Coercer), and Rune of Understanding (Illusionist).
  • Racial Traditions no longer show as Apprentice II when examined.
  • Disease traps will now properly land on players in the area of effect.
  • Soul Flay (Warlock) and Death Rot (Necromancer) no longer have stacking issues preventing the other from being cast.
  • Summoner, Conjurer, and Necromancer pets should receive additional improvements when they are summoned with a higher rank of spell. As the spell rank is improved, fighter pets will gain slightly more health, mage pets will receive a bit more power, and scout pets will have a bit higher damage output.
  • Spells that summon a swarm of temporary pets (e.g. Aqueous Hunters) no longer terminate if only one of the summoned pets is killed. The spells now terminate if all pets are killed.
  • Owners of summoned pets no longer need to do at least 1 point of non-pet damage to get credit for the kill.

Assassin changes:

  • Cut Throat had its hit and damage bonus improved, and its stifle duration was increased.
  • Cripple is now a positional attack, and its recast time reduced from 3 minutes to 60 seconds. Its HO symbol is now a cloak.
  • Slaughter had its arc widened and lengthened, and its casting time was reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Bleeder's Talent had its DPS benefit doubled.
  • Blade Frenzy's proc now has an increased chance to hit.
  • Makeshift Weapon had its casting time reduced to 1 second, and it no longer has a positional requirement.
  • Hidden Assault had its casting time reduced to 1 second. Its DoT duration was halved, but its tick count was not decreased.
  • Head Shot and Cripple can now be performed before stealth breaks, instead of breaking stealth in order to use them.
  • Punch Blade will now function when Brigand's Run Through is active.
  • Numbing Strike had its damage slightly increased. The root effect now has a chance to break on damage rather than having a chance to break periodically.
  • Improvised Weapon and Contrived Weapon no longer have positional requirements.
  • Crippling Strike now requires that the Assassin be behind the target, and its HO icon was changed to a cloak.

Bard changes:

  • Reproaching Discante and Zander's Choral Rebuff now have a casting time of 1 second and a reuse time of 2 seconds.
  • The Songster's Luck line now has updated icons to reduce confusion with other songs.

Berserker changes:

  • Furious Rush now does crushing damage.
  • The Berserk effect no longer plays an animation when triggered.
  • Wall of Fury now costs less power and boosts physical resistances instead of avoidance. The ability now triggers when attacks are made, and it will trigger more often.
  • Battle Chant now has a chance to trigger Berserk when a target dies; it now procs Berserk half as often across the entire group as the single-target version does for the Berserker.
  • The reuse timer of Press was reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Fury's proc now hits up to 3 targets instead of 5, and its Damage was slightly reduced because it is an AoE attack.
  • Maul's melee debuff effect will now grow with level.
  • Screaming Fury and Destructive Rage had their icons changed to better match the abilities.

Brawler changes:

  • Thundering Fists will now only expire when the triggers are used up.

Brigand changes:

  • Debilitate can now be performed before stealth breaks, instead of breaking stealth in order to use it.
  • Ruse is correctly granted at level 20. It no longer has an upfront power cost, and instead consumes power when it triggers damage. Ruse also severely reduces the Defense and Parry skills of the Brigand and no longer prevents area effect spells.
  • The Defense penalty of Desperate Thrust no longer gets progressively worse with scroll upgrades.
  • Deceit now has an improved DPS increase that will scale appropriately with increase in level.
  • Snarl had its casting time reduced, and its snare amount will improve with level.
  • Double Up combined with Thuggish Negotiations should no longer cause negative results for the group. Stay Low has been added to the Double Up list.
  • Vicious Stab no longer plays a dizzy stun sound when the attack lands.
  • Hail of Steel now has a minimum range of 5 meters.
  • Baffle Adversaries is no longer a 100% proc hate position decrease. Instead, it has a percentage chance when the Brigand strikes.
  • Amazing Reflexes can now be toggled, and now has an increased hate penalty associated with its benefit.
  • Double Up scrolls should now be dropping correctly.
  • Rapid Throw no longer indicates Blunted Arrows as its recipe name.

Bruiser changes:

  • Stone Deaf should now absorb damage correctly.

Coercer changes:

  • The Coerce lines now last longer and have fewer chances to break.
  • Spell Lash now targets an encounter.
  • Recklessness had its DPS amount increased.
  • Unnerving Stare now drains more power.
  • Withering Silence now drains more power.
  • Ego Strike now has a small chance of breaking when damage is received after the root is applied.
  • Forced Hesitation now makes resistance checks less often, but has a small chance to break when taking damage.
  • Simple Minds is now granted at level 22, so don't you forget about me.
  • Terrible Awe's duration has been reduced.
  • Sybyllant now has a faster cast time, no longer costs power over time, and will trigger up to 3 times at 100% rate.
  • Spell Lash now has a faster cast time, costs less power, and can trigger up to 3 times at 100% rate.
  • Despotic Mind upgrades now do damage at the intended rate.

Conjurer changes:

  • The snare effect of Quicksand now increases properly with spell scroll upgrades.
  • Offering cannot be used while Minion's Intervention is in effect. Its casting time was reduced and power cost removed. The amount healed was increased.
  • Frozen By Time had its resist rate adjusted to match the Necromancer spell Petrify. Its duration was reduced by 1 second.
  • Seism now has a heroic opportunity symbol.
  • Elemental Vestment now applies the buff to the pet, not the caster.
  • Call of the Hero now works on raid members.
  • Conjurer's Signet should now be available for purchase from the appropriate vendors.
  • Tremor now deals Magic damage instead of Crushing.
  • Shattered Ground now delivers its damage faster.
  • Minion's Intervention no longer costs additional power when the spell triggers.
  • Embers is now granted at level 35.

Crusader changes:

  • Doom Judgment now deals more damage. Instead of a 2% DPS debuff, it now dispels arcane and noxious-based buffs on anyone struck by it.
  • Vigor of Trust no longer stacks with Pious Belief.
  • Vigor of Trust can now be toggled.

Defiler changes:

  • Malevolent Efflux now shares the increased disease resistance with the rest of the spell line.
  • Abominus no longer requires confirmation to take effect.
  • Purulence will now correctly process damage absorbed by the ward.
  • Tendrils of Fear had its proc rate increased.
  • Curse of Shielding had its ward amount increased.
  • Distill Soul has a better chance to proc than before. Its duration and damage were also increased.
  • Forced Cannibalize had its damage reduced because the spell has no cost, but the amount of power returned remains the same. Its casting time has been lowered by 2 seconds.

Dirge changes:

  • Clara's Chaotic Cacophony and Daro's Doleful Dirge now have a casting time of 1 second and a reuse time of 2 seconds.
  • Lanet's Excruciating Scream is now granted at level 20.
  • Elegy at Death's Door and Elegy of Awakening now restore an increased amount of health.
  • Hyran's Angry Sonata had its Strength slightly reduced.
  • Jael's Sapping Shot should play an animation again.
  • Thuri's Sapping Shot should play its ranged attack animation correctly.
  • The Lucky Boon line now has updated icons to reduce confusion with other songs.

Druid changes:

  • Snare now has a faster recast and fewer resist checks.

Enchanter changes:

  • Charm now lasts longer and has fewer chances to break.
  • Daunting Gaze now drains more power.
  • Overwhelming Silence now drains more power.
  • Veil of the Unseen now prevents indirect area of effects.
  • Ego Shock now has a small chance of breaking when damage is received after the root is applied.
  • Binding Light now makes resistance checks less often, but has a small chance to break when taking damage.

Fury changes:

  • Feral Tenacity now heals at a faster rate.
  • Vicious Feast should now correctly heal and buff the group when triggered.
  • Porcupine's reactive damage can now be resisted like other damage shields.

Guardian changes:

  • Guardian Sphere now has the potential to protect against all damage types. Also, the Guardian can proc a stoneskin effect to absorb up to 5 streams of damage while it is in effect.
  • Wall of Flesh now costs less power and boosts physical resistances instead of avoidance. The ability now triggers when attacks are made, and it will trigger more often.
  • Entrench now roots all nearby enemies and debuffs their attack speed and DPS. The physical resist buff component was removed, and the recast time and duration of the ability were lowered.
  • Sentry Watch has an improved taunt by the Guardian when defending the person that was rescued from dying.
  • The reuse timer of Bull Rush was reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Iron Will is now a toggled ability without an expiration timer.
  • Batter now does crushing damage.
  • Tower of Stone should now absorb damage correctly.

Illusionist changes:

  • Speechless now drains slightly more power and does its power damage instantly.
  • Uncertainty will drain power instantly as stated in examine text, and for a greater amount than the DoT used to.
  • Intensity's proc effect will now be resisted less often.
  • Alacrity had its haste amount increased.
  • Convincing Regalia once again functions as an emergency mez. Its duration was decreased, reuse time increased, and casting time was reduced.
  • Lock Mind now makes resistance checks less often, but has a small chance to break when taking damage.
  • Rune of Understanding should now be available for purchase from the appropriate vendors.
  • Savante upgrades no longer incorrectly apply twice.
  • Color Shower now delivers its damage faster.
  • Phantasmal Splendor had its duration reduced and power cost adjusted.

Inquisitor changes:

  • Fanatic's Faith now shares the increased mental resistance with the rest of the spell line.
  • Fearful Conversion now properly reduces hate over time.
  • Imprison's maximum duration has been reduced.

Monk change:

  • Darting Sparrow is no longer forced to deal piercing damage.

Mystic changes:

  • Ancient Balm now increases properly with spell scroll upgrades.
  • The Spirit of the Elephant line now has an appropriate particle effect.
  • Prophetic Guard no longer generates hate, and its recast timer was reduced by half.
  • Oberon had its warding amount increased.
  • Water Spirit no longer requires confirmation to take effect.
  • Slothful Spirit upgrades now drain power at the intended rate.
  • Wards of the Eidolon will now correctly process damage absorbed by the ward.

Necromancer changes:

  • Chains of Torment now guarantees that fear will land when the root breaks, but at a decreased duration.
  • Clinging Darkness now triggers an additional snare when the first one breaks, and it costs less power.
  • The Withering Affliction line now does more damage per tick.
  • The Blight line now does more damage per tick.
  • The proc damage caused by Lich was reduced.

Paladin changes:

  • Blessing of the Penitent is now a toggled ability without an expiration timer.
  • Divine Favor now prevents death 100% of the time it is active.
  • Sigil of Heroism now ignores anyone that already has the Redemption line on them.
  • Consecrated Aura no longer causes issues with group stealth and invisibility spells.
  • Pious Belief no longer stacks with Vigor of Trust.
  • Pious Belief can now be toggled.
  • Relentless Wrath is now listed in the Knowledge Book under Combat Arts, not Spells.

Predator changes:

  • Pounce had its arc widened and lengthened, and its casting time was reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Hunter's Instinct had its DPS benefit doubled.
  • Blade Flurry's proc now has an increased chance to hit.
  • Honed Reflexes is now more effective in granting temporary haste.
  • Shrouded Strike no longer has Sheathe Weapon as part of the ability, since stealth now automatically shuts off auto-attack.

Ranger changes:

  • The haste benefit of Forester's Insight was slightly increased.
  • Arrow Flurry's damage proc was changed to match the Assassin offensive stance's proc damage.
  • Spring now properly requires having a bow equipped to use.
  • Stream of Arrows now has a minimum range of 5 meters. The art should no longer cause problems with stealth abilities after it is used.
  • Steady Aim now has a reduced duration and recast time. It now greatly increases the ranged skill, its DPS amount was increased, and it also increases attack speed.
  • Arrow Rip no longer has problems requiring a bow and arrows to be equipped.

Rogue changes:

  • Strangling Throw now does additional damage to match the rest of that combat art line.
  • Ruthless Cunning is now more effective in granting temporary DPS and will properly scale with scroll upgrades.

Scout changes:

  • Cheap Shot is now a maintained ability. Its stun duration is now a fixed amount that does not increase with additional levels.
  • The effects of Dirty Tricks can now be removed with physical trauma cures.

Shadowknight changes:

  • Insidious Promise's taunt now works like other taunts in its spell line.
  • Contract of Shadows can now be toggled.
  • Death March now provides increased intelligence while active.
  • Pariah's Mark now correctly matches its intended effect for the spell line.
  • If chosen as a Specialized Training option, Unending Pain will now be scribed correctly instead of Agonizing Cry.

Shaman changes:

  • Spirit of the Badger now wards the intended amount.

Sorcerer changes:

  • Freeze now has a cast and recast time similar to its Wizard and Warlock upgrades.
  • The snare effect of Frozen Manacles now upgrades properly with spell scroll upgrades.
  • Summon Shadows no longer prevents indirect area of effects.

Summoner changes:

  • The snare effect of Immobilize now increases properly with spell scroll upgrades.
  • Protective Brace now provides similar benefits to Volatile Refuge.

Swashbuckler changes:

  • Disarming Grin now has slightly faster cast time, and its duration increases with level.
  • Uncanny Reflexes is now a level 40 ability.
  • Lung Puncture can now be performed before stealth breaks, instead of breaking stealth in order to use it.
  • Nimble Cut no longer plays a dizzy stun sound when the attack lands.
  • Swarthy Distraction is now granted at level 20.
  • Flamboyant Strike now has a hit chance bonus that was missing for this combat art.
  • Uncanny Speed and Uncanny Reflexes are now granted at level 40 and level 54 to match other Scout line upgrades.
  • Artful Finesse and Ingenious Finesse are now granted at level 39 and level 53 to match other Rogue line upgrades.
  • Hail of Steel should no longer cause problems with stealth abilities after it is used.
  • Hurricane now has a reduced chance to AoE every auto-attack. It has a casting time of 0.5 seconds and recast time of 2 seconds.

Templar changes:

  • Protective Faith no longer generates hate, and its recast timer was reduced by half.
  • Sign of Weakness now protects the target from area effects, and its duration grows with level.
  • Reverence upgrades now replenish health at the intended rate.
  • Involuntary Healer had its proc percentage and heal amount increased.

Troubador changes:

  • Aria of Excitement's proc damage was reduced.
  • Kian's Destructive Anthem and Demoralizing Processional now have a casting time of 1 second and a reuse time of 4 seconds.
  • Precision of the Maestro had its reuse timer increased to 90 seconds and duration changed to 20 seconds. Hate assignment is spread across each caster that procs it instead of being entirely blamed on the Troubador.
  • The Aria of Excitement and Minstrel's Fortune lines now have updated icons to reduce confusion with other songs.
  • Minstrel's Fortune has a better explanation of how casting skill increases affect the spell.

Warden changes:

  • Nature's Reprieve and Tunare's Watch now heal at a faster rate.
  • Ensnaring Roots now upgrades properly with level and spell scroll upgrades, and its duration has been increased. It makes fewer resistance checks than before, but has a small chance of breaking when receiving damage.
  • Undergrowth makes fewer resistance checks than before, but has a small chance of breaking when receiving damage.
  • Favor of the Untamed no longer generates hate, and its recast timer was reduced by half.
  • Hierophantic Genesis had its healing over time amount increased.
  • Willowskin's physical resistance benefits were slightly increased to match other Priest physical resistance group buffs.
  • Numbing Spores had its proc rate increased, and its heal-over-time effect more effective by decreasing the duration needed to complete the healed amount. The healed amount per tick doubles if the ally is low on health.

Warlock changes:

  • The snare effect of Paralyzing Fear now increases properly with spell scroll upgrades.
  • Dark Siphoning had its power cost and recast time reduced.
  • Aura of Darkness now does disease damage instead of poison.
  • Negative Absolution now does disease damage instead of poison.
  • Suffocating Breath now does disease damage instead of poison.
  • Bony Grasp now has a slightly shorter maximum duration. It lasts longer than Ring of Cold, which has an additional effect. Bony Grasp is also slightly harder to break.
  • Netherous Realm now pulsates 1 trigger every 5 seconds instead of an unlimited amount.
  • Raven Familiar is now correctly named Erqu's Emissary.
  • Netheros will now continue to grow to level 60 instead of stopping at 59.
  • Dark Infestation's swarm will now grow with level.
  • Steal Breath is now an encounter-based area-of-effect noxious debuff.
  • Curse of Darkness had its power cost greatly reduced.
  • Poisonous Veil had its damage slightly reduced and can affect up to 3 targets in its area of effect.
  • Null Distortion was added to the Specialized Training choices at level 54. Shadowed Pillaging was removed from the list.
  • Seal of Ebon Thought has a better explanation of how casting skill increases affect the spell.

Warrior changes:

  • Hunker Down now costs less power and boosts physical resistances instead of avoidance. The ability now triggers when attacks are made, and it will trigger more often.
  • Shield Bash should now be available for purchase from the appropriate vendors.
  • Mangle had its icon corrected to match the rest of the abilities in that line.

Wizard changes:

  • The snare effect of Tether now increases properly with spell scroll upgrades.
  • Frostbound Gift had its duration reduced. The Snare effect now works properly and will also upgrade in strength with level and spell scroll upgrades.
  • Heat Stroke now has the correct prose description.
  • Ring of Cold had its overall duration reduced somewhat because it is an AoE spell. The snare effect at the end now properly upgrades with level and spell scroll upgrades.
  • Protoflame will now continue to grow to level 60 instead of stopping at 59.
  • Flametongue now does increased damage.
  • Icy Coil had its recast time reduced.
  • Surging Tempest will now update its damage/stun every 8 seconds instead of 10 seconds, and its reuse timer was reduced to 30.


  • The recipe for Blackened Iron War Hammer now requires a Blackened Iron Hammer Head as the primary component instead of a Blackened Iron Edge.
  • The recipe for Cold Wind (Adept III) should now be found in Advanced Scholar's volume 11.
  • The fuel required for the recipes for Benumb have been adjusted.
  • Pristine Cambric Pantaloons should now have intelligence instead of wisdom.
  • Spirit Totem of the Monkey can now be equipped at level 50 instead of 49 to match when you can activate the totem.
  • The recipe for Alluvial Brand will now be found in the Sage volume 26 books instead of the sage 29 books.
  • The recipe for Spiked Rain will now be found in the Sage volume 29 books instead of the 26 books.
  • The recipes for Ring of Cold and Frost Shield will be now found in the Sage volumes 40 and 49 books instead of the 41 and 45 books.
  • The recipe for Imbued Briarwood Spellbinder's Staff should now use the correct type of fuel for its level.
  • The recipe for Imbued Blackened Iron Cestii was removed from the recipe book as it wasn't appropriate at this level range.
  • The recipes for Veils of the Unseen were removed since this spell doesn't upgrade.
  • The Provisioner recipe for Glogg now requires refined cloves instead of raw cloves.
  • All Turned lumber should no longer be flagged as no value.
  • Jeweler Sandcloth Thread/Yarn should now use the proper special events for runecrafting.
  • Woodworker Sandcloth Thread/Yarn should now use the proper special events for woodworking.
  • Sage recipes for Transcendent Blessing should now be called Transcendent Grace to match the name of the spell.
  • Recipes for Simple Minds can now be found in Sage Essentials Volume 22 and Advanced Sage Volume 22.
  • Deceit can now be located in Jeweler Essentials Volume 39 and Advanced Jeweler Volume 39.
  • Stellar Spectral Influx now has the correct name.
  • Noxious Remedy should now cure noxious effects instead of physical effects.
  • The Coalesce line of Apothecary reaction arts should now properly counter their events.
  • The Brigand ability Ruse was changed from a level 21 to a level 20 recipe.
  • The Swashbuckler ability Swarthy Distraction was changed from a level 21 to a level 20 recipe.
  • The Assassin ability Assassin's Mark was changed from a level 21 to a level 20 recipe.
  • The Ranger ability Makeshift Arrow's was changed from a level 21 to a level 20 recipe.
  • The Troubador ability Bria's Entrancing Sonnet was changed from a level 21 to a level 20 recipe.
  • The Swashbuckler ability Artful Finesse was changed from a level 40 to a level 39 recipe.
  • The Swashbuckler ability Ingenious Finesse was changed from a level 54 to a level 53 recipe.
  • A recipe for Smirking Demeanor was added to the level 24 Sage advanced and recipe books.
  • The following items which had no use were removed: Advanced Sage Volume 50; Advanced Provisioner Volumes 50-59; Armorer Essentials volumes 26, 27, 28, 36, 37, 38, 46, 47, 48; Advanced Provisioner Volumes 30-39.
  • Store bought pasta should now work in all recipes.
  • A recipe for Poisonous Shroud was added to the level 35 Sage advanced and essentials books.
  • The pristine lapis lazuli earring now provides health and power as well as resists.
  • The recipes for the Enfeeblement were changed from level 42 to 38.
  • The stats on different types of crafted lapis lazuli bracelets should be better distributed.
  • The duplicate recipe for Beguile was removed from the level 37 Sage advanced and essential books.
  • The recipe for Lifetap (Adept III) can now result in a crude product.


  • Books placed in houses should now display their titles.
  • Many house items that couldn't be picked up correctly now can be.
  • Carbonite sconces should now hang properly on the wall.
  • Orc, harpy, and elemental mastery trophies can now be placed correctly on the wall.
  • Medium and short maple shelves can now be placed correctly. Medium shelves should now be longer than short shelves.
  • Bone shelves should now be longer than short and medium maple shelves.
  • Old-world catalog books will now look the same as the old tomes when placed in your home.


  • Many Bard songs now have additional variety in their casting animations.
  • It seems recent Halloween events have caused the eyes of scarecrows to glow with a ghastly light.
  • Flame blast effects will now appear on the targets of the following spells: Heat Stroke, Heat Convulsions, Fiery Convulsions, Incinerate, Scorch, Roaring Flames, Pyrotechnic, and Wave of Flames.
  • Your mount should no longer appear and disappear as you approach the surface of the water while swimming.
  • The ears of certain races should no longer cause issues with robe hoods.
  • Griffon towers have been enlarged slightly at the top and rails have been added to the ramps. This brings the towers into compliance with the Griffon Tamer's Union safety guidelines.
  • Many creatures that float and hover above the ground will no longer come to rest at odd angles.
  • Beards will no longer poke through Halloween masks.

Commands, Controls, and User Interface

  • Most user interface windows have received a facelift. They are more streamlined and feature new colors and background art.
  • Most UI windows are now locked by default. They can be unlocked in their right-click context menu.
  • New level-based chat channels are now available to all players on each server regardless of their citizenship. You will automatically join the channel appropriate for your character's level range (according to whichever is higher of your adventure or crafting level). As your character levels up, you will automatically join the next channel for your new level range.
  • There is now an Options tab in the Persona window that lets you set the following character flags and privacy settings:
 - Character Flags: Anonymous, Roleplaying, Away From Keyboard, Looking For Group, Looking For Work
 - Graphics: Hide My Hood or Helmet, Hide My Illusion Form
 - Privacy: Decline Invitations to Duel, Decline Invitations to Trade, Decline Invitations to Join Groups, Decline Invitations to Join Raids, Decline Invitations to Join Guilds.
  • Screenshots taken in game are now saved to a folder named Screenshots within your EQ2 directory.
  • Spell and combat art icons will now highlight red if the target is not in range of the ability (whether too far away or too close). You can turn off this effect under Options-->User Interface-->Spell Icons.
  • The target and implied target windows now show active spells. They will automatically resize to accommodate target information. If no spell effects are present on the target, these windows will be the size they used to be. You can turn off the spell effect icons for the target and/or implied target windows under Options-->User Interface-->Targeting Windows.
  • The housing window (displayed by clicking your door while inside your house) now has a button for picking up a single item. Clicking this button brings up a window showing all items that you own which are currently placed within your house. You can then select the item that you would like to move to your inventory. Alternately, you can type the /pickup command which will also bring up the list of housing items you own.
  • The death window now shows distances to revive locations and sorts them by nearest to furthest. Locations outside your current zone will not list a distance.
  • The mouse cursor will now change shape to indicate available actions (such as looting, opening a door, banking, buying from a merchant, etc.) farther away from the target, but the cursor will be grey until you come within range.
  • Chat window text is now color-coded based on the type of chat you are using.
  • Selecting waypoints or asking a guard to help find an NPC will now place a marker on your map to show the target's location in addition to providing the wisp trail.
  • Clicking on the pet window will now target your pet.
  • Shift + Page Up/Page Down will now trigger the mouseover opacity on the chat window (thanks for the suggestion, Mortac).
  • The mender "Repair All" button again has a total cost tooltip.
  • You can now mouse over icons and text within the mender and merchant windows to see item tooltips.
  • When countering a tradeskill event, the reaction art icon will become green or red based on whether you successfully countered the event or failed, respectively.
  • The Guild Bank log should no longer put garbage characters after the names of former members.
  • You will now see a warning about your level being too low to receive loot and quest rewards if you invite a player outside your level range into your group from a different zone.
  • Heal text in the chat window will now show the name of the spell that triggers the heal.
  • If you currently have the maximum number of characters created on your account, the create character button will now be disabled instead of hidden and it will have a tooltip explaining that you've reached your character limit.
  • The zone destination window should now size itself according to its contents.
  • Scrollbars should no longer overlap text or disappear when resizing certain windows.
  • When free look controls are set to Avatar Relative, characters swimming at the water surface in third-person view will now only dive underwater when moving the camera to a steep downward angle.
  • Expendable items now display the duration of their cast effects in their examine window and tooltip.
  • The rewards window that appears with the /claim command is now more detailed, providing tooltips and icons for available items and listing the number of claimable items remaining on your account.
  • A "Claim Rewards" button has been added to the EQ2 Main Menu. It functions the same as typing /claim.
  • Deleting a repeatable quest will no longer make it count as a completed in your quest journal.
  • Guild Status Points (GSP) are now simply referred to as Status Points (SP).

UI Files Changed

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