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Update 04
Date March 8, 2005


  • Act as a Mentor for your lower-level friends with our new Mentoring system!
  • New treasure is available for solo players and small groups!
  • Grouping made even better with a reduction in shared XP debt!
  • Solo and small group XP increased even more, especially for players over level 30!
  • Artisans can let buyers know they're available with the new /LFW (looking for work) tag!
  • Quest coin and experience rewards have been increased!
  • Friends and guilds can now share housing more effectively.
  • Experience a new level 50 epic battle in The Deserted Mine!
  • Enjoy a new solo instance in The Commonlands: Valley of the Rogue Magi!


  • Act as a Mentor for your lower level friends with the new Mentoring system!
  • When you right click a lower-level group member, you will see an option to Mentor them.
  • Selecting "Mentor" will set your level to that of your lower-level friend, and you will operate at the same effective level as your group mate.
  • The Mentor and Apprentice will receive experience, loot, and quest credit as if the Mentor were the same level as the Apprentice. Mentors, be sure to revisit any of those quests or locations that you may have missed along the way!
  • The Apprentice will receive an experience bonus while under the guidance of a Mentor. Up to five other players can act as a Mentor for a single player at the same time (each increasing the experience bonus).
  • Mentors receive experience and advance toward their actual level while mentoring; the rate at which they receive XP depends on the level of their Apprentice. Mentoring someone below level 20 will earn very little XP for the Mentor, while taking an Apprentice that is level 25 or higher will earn a greater percentage of experience for the Mentor.
  • The effectiveness of your gear will scale down in level. You don't need to go out and get different gear to Mentor friends of different levels.
  • While you are Mentoring, you can use any of your abilities that you would normally have available at that level.
  • The Mentor's skill values equal those of a character with 80% XP toward their next level.
  • You can select "Stop Mentoring" if you wish to cease acting as a Mentor to your ally.
  • If the Mentor or Apprentice leaves the group or exits the game, the Mentor will return to his or her original level.
  • When one player starts Mentoring another, all maintained spells will be dropped from the Mentor.
  • A player who is being Mentored is not allowed to Mentor someone else.
  • You cannot turn off Mentoring while you are dead. If the group (or the Apprentice) disbands while you are dead, you stop Mentoring but remain dead until you release from your corpse or are revived.
  • Mentors will only gain combat XP when they are within reward range (50 meters) of their Apprentice.
  • Mentors will only gain XP if their Apprentice also gains experience.

Solo and Small Group Loot Improvements

  • All solo and small group encounters in the following zones now have the chance to drop improved treasure: Antonica, the Commonlands, Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, the Orcish Wastes, the Enchanted Lands, Rivervale, the Feerrott, Everfrost, and Lavastorm.
  • It will be easier to collect sets of armor and accessories from certain types of creatures. A solo creature that drops a given armor type is likely to drop additional armor pieces of the same type. A creature that drops accessories is likely to drop more accessories.
  • More loot! You will now see more items of various levels drop than ever before.
  • There is now greater variety in the volume and type of loot that normal solo creatures and advanced solo/small group encounters will drop.
  • Encounter drops are now separated by the high and low levels for each zone. For example, level 12 solo encounters in Antonica will drop level 10-14 appropriate gear, spells, and recipes. A level 16 solo encounter in Antonica will drop level 15-19 items.
  • Progressive solo population has been added to the Enchanted Lands, the Orcish Wastes, and Thundering Steppes.

Increased Solo and Small Group XP

  • Solo and small group experience has been increased again to further enhance the solo/small group game. Players over level 30 will especially notice an increase in solo and small group XP rewards.

New Zones

Looking for Work (/lfw)

  • Artisans can now let other players know they are willing to take crafting requests with the /lfw command.
  • Using /lfw works much like the /lfg (looking for group) tag. Players can perform a "/who lfw" command and find artisans willing to take crafting requests.
  • Players can also search for a specific profession, such as "/who carpenter" for a list of Carpenters who are online or "/who lfw alchemist" to get a listing of Alchemists currently flagged as looking for work.

The Bloodline Chronicles

  • The Hand of Marr and Brethren of Night have moved their camps deeper into Nektulos Forest as they continue their research into the strange affliction plaguing the people of Freeport and Qeynos.
  • The grinnin that remain in the forest have moved further downstream.


  • We have reduced the percentage of XP debt shared by group members.
  • Improving your Swimming skill now increases the speed at which you swim.
  • Encounter behavior has been changed such that if an encounter breaks and would have reset (and respawned the same encounter), it will now check if it was overpowered or overmatched and, if not, it will instead unbreak and become a viable target for a short period of time. If the encounter is defeated successfully during that time, players will receive all of the original encounter XP bonus and some portion of the loot.
  • The time required to camp out has been reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • If a player was kicked from a guild while offline, their spendable guild status points will no longer be lost once they rejoin a new guild.
  • Encounters should no longer break if your pet lands the final blow on a wild dog in The Sprawl.
  • All group members in the same zone when a guild is created should automatically receive an invitation to join it.
  • A pop-up message will now let players know that they must use their boat tickets before camping or leaving the zone.
  • Flying mounts should no longer have a random orientation when they first start flying.
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes preventing an encounter from ever resetting after being broken.
  • Characters who have more than 100% XP in their current level but have not gained a level due to a hallmark restriction (such as their class quest) will no longer be prevented from entering zones tied to those quests.
  • Experience earned through questing is no longer affected by Mentoring, Vitality, or any other XP modifier (except for paying back XP debt).
  • If an aggressive opponent would con red to the lowest-level member of the group but instead cons gray to the group because of its average level, the NPC will remain aggro and attack all the members of that group. A normally aggressive creature that will not aggro should no longer have a red border around its name. In short: grey mobs that have a red border will attack your group; grey mobs without a red border will not.


  • Items marked No Trade can be placed in a house by trustees or the owner.
  • All No Trade items placed in a house remember who placed them and can only be picked up by that character.
  • The house owner and any Trustees can move any No Trade items placed in the house.
  • The house owner can destroy No Trade items not owned by them.
  • No Trade items already placed in houses before the update are treated as follows:
  • If items with identical names are found in the house, the first four items of the same type are set to No Owner.
  • No Owner house items cannot be picked up until they are claimed. The "pickup" menu item is replaced with a "claim ownership" menu item for these items.
  • After the first four identical items are set to No Owner, all subsequent items of the same type are automatically owned by the house owner.
  • If the Owner of the house wishes to claim all No Owner items, that character can use the command /house_own_all to do so.
  • If the Owner of the house uses the "Collect Contents" button, they will NOT pick up No Owner items, they must explicitly claim those items using the right click menu or /house_own_all.
  • Example: A house contains three "Know your Gnolls" books and twelve Simple Forges. All three "Know your Gnolls" books become No Owner and can be claimed by any trustee or the house owner. Four of the Simple Forges become No Owner and can be claimed by any trustee or the house owner. Eight of the Simple Forges are automatically owned by the house owner and can only be picked up by that character.

Zones and Population


  • Quest coin and experience rewards have been increased from this day onward. The experience increase will be especially noticeable in non-repeatable quests that are of a lower level than your character. You may want to complete any quests that you may have missed during your journeys in Norrath.
  • Books providing details on the Norrathian calendar can now be found in each city's library.
  • All items that initiate a quest have been changed to No Trade.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent players from starting the Feerrott access quest.
  • Logan Belchbottom's Lost Friend in Fallen Gate can now be completed by those who outleveled the quest after receiving it.
  • An item used in Far Seas Supplier *Elven Attack can now be obtained in order to complete the quest.
  • The Nektulos Creature Cataloging quest will now require players to seek out a dusk dart instead of a voracious bleeder.
  • The quest A Foul Wind can now be found under the Access category.
  • The quest The Idol of Fear can now be found under the Access category.
  • The Treaty For Treasure quest can now be found under the Access category.
  • Players should now be able to complete Fresh Samples, even if they've already outleveled the quest.
  • Tome quests in the Obelisk of Vul and Serpent's Sewer should now have a quest category added to them.
  • A new version of Children's Rhymes has been added. Please note, the original version in a player's quest journal will remain unaltered.
  • Permafrost tome quests will now be listed in the appropriate section of the quest journal.
  • Taskmaster Deldrin's dialogue has been clarified.
  • The Karnath the Forgotten quest in Thundering Steppes should now be easier to complete.
  • Added the correct quest category to item and tome quests in Serpent's Sewer if they previously lacked them.
  • Added the correct quest category to item and tome quests in the Obelisk of Vul.
  • The target for the Wanted Gnoll Bandit! quest has been changed to a darkpaw raider.
  • The Fate of Fleshripper should now update properly.
  • The Gut Ripper quest will now need to be completed in order.
  • The Double-Plated Breastplate quest will now need to be completed in order.
  • The Black Horn Ring quest will now require players to harvest a Crimson Clay Pebble instead of mud stones.
  • Players should now be able to complete the A Mission for Midia quest.
  • Dialog issues with the Of Spars and Sails and... quest have been corrected.
  • Rubbish the Scarecrow should once again be talking in the Secrets of Runnyeye quest.
  • Rama’nai, Captain Ogof, and Captain Gaer will appear more frequently to assist those on the Greater Lightstone Quest.
  • Lady Vox should no longer despawn in her crypt during the Draconic quests.
  • The Herald of Nektropos can now be spoken to every 30 seconds instead of every 10 minutes.

City Sabotage

  • Some Sabotage quest objects in South Qeynos, West Freeport, South Freeport, North Freeport, and East Freeport have been relocated.
  • An inaccurate quest detail with Towers of Stone has been corrected.
  • A wandering cow has been renamed an infected cow.
  • Players should now be able to interact with buckets in Qeynos.
  • Quests will now be completed properly when returning to Gol M'Tun.
  • Several sabotage quest items have been renamed in order to stay consistent with the requirements of the quest.
  • Sabotage: The Furious Cows quest is now listed in the Sabotage category.
  • Sabotage: Halt the Expansion quest should now be working correctly.
  • Sabotage: Sealed Lips quest should now be working correctly.
  • Interactive objects involved in the Sabotage quest series can now only be interacted with once.
  • NPCs that are a part of the Sabotage Quest system should no longer offer quests to players without showing the offer window.
  • The appearance of sabotage-related tents in Antonica has been changed to that of an open tent.
  • Bait buckets for the sabotage quests in Antonica will now appear less frequently, allowing other targets to appear more often.


  • Prismatic weapons now have improved damage/delay and more effective procs.
  • Merchants no longer sell items related to Erollisi Day.
  • Heritage items are now No Trade. NPC merchants have a keen desire to get their hands on these rare items.
  • The Inscribed Wooden Staff no longer has a typo in its name.
  • Delacar's Axe of Savagery now uses the correct two-handed weapon animation.
  • Bruise Forger Cestus now references the Fists damage type rather than Slash.
  • Some turtle-related items (turtle meat, etc) now have proper icons.
  • Some tooltips that mentioned "talbard" have been corrected to "tabard".
  • Repair costs on heritage items have been reduced.
  • Tutorial quest reward items are now flagged as No Value.
  • The repair costs on heritage quest rewards have been adjusted.
  • Sigil-Painted Linen Sleeves can now be equipped.
  • Thulzite Gems now cost 5 gold. Additionally, lizardmen in The Temple of Cazic-Thule should drop them more frequently.
  • The quality of the food and drink that players start with on the Isle of Refuge has improved.
  • The Serrated Bone Dirk now has repair costs in line with other heritage quest items.
  • Forearms of Forbidden Rites should now have the correct icon.
  • The procs and regenerative effects on many rare and raid-quality items should now function correctly. This includes Golden Efreeti Boots, Prismatic weapons, Kiteshield of the King, Royal Greatflail, Vicious Sai, and more.
  • The food and drink sold by merchants on the Isle of Refuge should now match those sold in the cities.
  • The proc effect on the Screaming Mace will now grant additional power to go along with the increased power pool.

Spells and Combat Arts

Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training

  • Erudite: Summon Wisp will now be on its own reuse timer and will not prevent you from summoning a normal pet.
  • Barbarian: Cold Retribution now appears in the maintained and spell effects windows.
  • Half Elf: Tend Wound had a minor grammar error that was fixed.

Heroic Opportunities

  • Shower of Daggers should now have the correct proc effect. Its description has also been corrected.
  • Soldier's Instict's prose has been corrected.
  • The following Heroic Opportunity buffs can now be canceled via the spell effects window:
    • Crucible of Life
    • Inspiring Piety
    • Scholar's Insight
    • Resonating Cascade
    • Divine Nobility


  • The price at which crafted items sell back to NPC merchants now includes a value for harvested components. The harvested items themselves, however, still have no value to merchants.
  • Lower-level refined and interim products have been removed from tradeskill merchants. Bread, pasta, and a packet of spices will still be sold because these items are used through every level range.
  • Fuels used in tradeskill production will now display which tier they intended for in their examine text.
  • Examining a recipe should now show exactly what type of fuel is required for that recipe.
  • Recipes for shurikens have been added to Artisan Essentials Volume 8, Outfitter Essentials Volume 18, Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 21, Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 31, and Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 41.
  • Increased the number of charges on poisons and potions that were previously missed.
  • The events that occur during production of ebon plates have been changed to heavy armoring instead of weaponry.
  • The examine text on poisons will now display the maximum number of times that the poison can trigger before it fades from your weapons.
  • Doubled the effectiveness of Reduce Heat.
  • Modified high grade honey to allow for pristine item production.
  • Changed the descriptions of Stain, Laminate, Enamel and Glaze to indicate that durability is reduced rather than power.
  • Wash recipes have been added to Apothecary recipe books.
  • Thread recipes have been removed from Apothecary recipe books.
  • Several totem recipe descriptions have been corrected.
  • Apothecary, Weaving, Timbercraft, and Geomancy reaction arts are now granted at the appropriate levels.
  • The Vigor of Trust spell recipe has been added to the appropriate Scholar volumes.
  • Several Provisioner recipes have had their levels adjusted to match the level of the book they came from.
  • Certain crafted containers that did not previously show up on merchant sell lists will now do so.
  • Feyiron Plate and Feyiron Ring recipes were contained in both Armorer Essentials Volume 29 and Volume 30. The duplicate recipes have been removed from Volume 30.
  • Pristine and Crude Alder Bookcases now have the correct appearance.
  • Recipes for shurikens have been added to Artisan Essentials Volume 8, Outfitter Essentials Volume 18, Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 21, Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 31, and Weaponsmith Essentials Volume 41.
  • Tin Hunting Arrows will now produce in a higher quantity per combine than before.
  • Merchants should now sell the following fuels: Walnut Kindling, Mulberry Kindling, Cherry Kindling, Hickory Kindling, Mesquite Kindling.
  • Refine recipes contained within Apothecary recipe books now use the Thaumaturgy Technique and Apothecary Knowledge.
  • The level and difficulty of the Blackened Iron Arrow Head recipe has been corrected.
  • Worked shallots should no longer be edible.
  • The durability of the worked quality Strengthened Leather Strap has been increased to the appropriate level.
  • Blinding Strike Apprentice IV is now named Eye Rake Apprentice IV since it scribes that spell.
  • The extra copies of the Iron Bar recipe have been removed from Geomancy Essentials Volume 10.
  • The extra copies of the Iron Plate recipe have been removed from Geomancy Essentials Volume 10.
  • The extra copy of the Burlap Thread recipe has been removed from Weaving Essentials Volume 10.
  • The extra copy of the Burlap Yarn recipe has been removed from Weaving Essentials Volume 10.
  • Added recipes for the creation of Arcane Concerto and Noxious Concerto.
  • Many recipe names were fixed to better match the name of the product being created.

Commands, Controls, and User Interface

  • The Community window will now allow you to sort your friends by whether they are online or offline. There is now a checkbox that allows you to toggle only showing friends who are currently online.
  • There is now a message in the chat window letting you know when an NPC spell has been interrupted.
  • Chat window tabs will now number themselves more logically. A tab can never be given a blank title.
  • Combat start and stop messages will now go to the proper chat filter.
  • Chat updates for skill increases should now match the on-screen message.
  • Examining an item involved in a quest should now correctly close the dialog box after being put away.
  • Attempting to swap an empty bag with a full bag should no longer appear to destroy the empty bag.
  • The location for the graveyard icon on the Commonlands map was updated to be more accurate


  • Made further improvements to riders that were floating above horses.


  • Tradeskill device cues should now be easier to hear.
  • You can again change the speaker type from within the game.
  • Fixed certain sound anomalies that would sometimes occur as you enter a new zone.
  • Added "/playsound " which plays 2d sounds locally.
  • This is to support user sound modifications. It lets users trigger any sounds locally for testing/script feedback.
  • Users can modify sounds by placing properly named .wav files into /ui/sounds or /ui//sounds
  • The UIBuilder documentation has an initial list of these .wav files.


  • There is a new version of the file. The updated UIBuilder includes support for several new features. Please read the documentation file for further details.

UI Files Modified

  • eq2ui_community.xml
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