Unstable tinkered portal


Unstable Tinkered Portals are special locations that appear only during the Tinkerfest annual live event. The portal itself is a green, glowing gizmo or widget found in the middle of a giant gear. When clicked on, the portal will transport you to Gnomeland Security Headquarters.

  • The locations are only available for travel during the Tinkerfest celebration, which occurs in mid-July every year.
  • They are a one-way travel option and all will take you directly to Gnomeland Security Headquarters.
  • They are useful for travel during several event quests.
  • Players can find the event-themed purple shinies and the common currency Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs on the ground leading up to and all around the portals.


Evil-Aligned Cities with PortalsEdit

  • Freeport - in East Freeport ( -107, -24, 106 ) /waypoint -107, -24, 106
  • Gorowyn - near to the first elevator upon entering the city from Timorous Deep ( 2575, 8, 1228 ) /waypoint 2575, 8, 1228
  • Neriak - within Indigo Hollow ( 42, 17, -32 ) /waypoint 42, 17, -32

Good-Aligned Cities with PortalsEdit

Other PortalsEdit

Icon gears red (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only accessable in-game during the annual Tinkerfest festivities that occur roughly from the end of July to early August.

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