Qeynos Betrayal Timeline
1. Dissatisfied with Qeynos
2. The Concordium's Delivery
3. Unlocking the Plans
4. Destroy the Qeynosian Shield Generators
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Betrayal  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Elddar Grove more
How to Start Speak to Towser Flizgibbert in The Elddar Grove
part of: Qeynos Betrayal Timeline
Preceded by:
The Concordium's Delivery
Followed by:
Destroy the Qeynosian Shield Generators

What does this information mean?

Go through The Down Below to speed up travel time as all the zones needed for this quest link through that zone.


  1. Receive Gnomish Key Replicator from Towser.
  2. Head to the Concordium Tower in South Qeynos at night. Go through the red teleporter and click on the locked box on the table on the lower level at ( 703, 42, 106 ) /waypoint 703, 42, 106.
    • This step can be done during the day, but an even con hostile mob will spawn and attack you. If you don't want to fight, run it outside and a guard will kill it.
  3. Speak to Arbuthnot Jumroller (865, -12, -419) in The Elddar Grove near The Baubbleshire gate to get a Replicated Key.
  4. Return to the Concordium Tower in South Qeynos at night. Click on the box again to receive the The Secret Plans.
    • Again, this step can be done during the day, but you will be attacked.
  5. Return to Towser Flizgibbert.
    • Upon talking to Towser, you will be warned about the consequences of betraying.
    • If you accept the consequences, you will automatically receive the next quest and be transported to a special instanced zone version of the Concordium Tower.



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