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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Undead Horde II
Icon green helmet
Wheel None
Summons an army of undead kin at the cost of health over-time to the necromancer. The number of undead increases based on the quantity of nearby corpses.

Target Enemy
Health 285
Casting 2.0
Recast 900.0
Duration 60.0 seconds
Range 30.0
Level 78



  • Summons 12 limited pets to aid the caster.
Undead Horde Spell Line

Spell EffectsEdit

  • Summons 12 limited pets to aid the caster.
  • Summons an undead kin for each corpse within range.
  • Spell Rank decreases the health-over-time cost.
  • The undead kin do slashing damage, plus spell damage (see below).

Spells used by Undead Horde IIEdit

  • Cleansing Fire: heat dmg to target
  • Graven Assault: disease dmg to target
  • Invocation: divine dmg to target
  • Grim Lifetap: heat dmg to target and heals all group members
  • Grim Wave: poison dmg to target encounter and heals all group members
  • Litany of Torment: divine dmg