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Tyla Maki

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Adorning Merchant
Race Fae
Zone Butcherblock Mountains (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location West end of dock ( 757, 26, 596 ) Copy


Item Price
Basic Coal 6c
Basic Incense 6c
Effulgent Coal 1g 80s
Effulgent Incense 1g 80s
Ethereal Coal 1g 56s
Ethereal Incense 1g 56s
Glimmering Coal 3s 84c
Glimmering Incense 3s 84c
Glowing Coal 24c
Glowing Incense 24c
Lambent Coal 23s 4c
Lambent Incense 23s 4c
Luminous Coal 15s 36c
Luminous Incense 15s 36c
Scintillating Coal 36s 56c
Scintillating Incense 36s 56c
Smoldering Coal 1g
Smoldering Incense 1g
Sparkling Coal 96c
Sparkling Incense 96c
Thaumic Coal 3g
Thaumic Incense 3g


Item Price
Essential Adornments Volume 1 1s 20c
Essential Adornments Volume 2 4s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 3 4s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 4 76s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 5 76s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 6 4g 60s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 7 6g 91s 20c
Essential Adornments Volume 8 10g 36s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 9 15g 55s 20c
Essential Adornments Volume 10 23g 32s 80c
Essential Adornments Volume 11 34g 99s 20c
Primordial Adornment of Calamity (Feet) 17g 49s
Primordial Adornment of Carnage (Forearms) 14s 40c
Primordial Adornment of Destruction (Head) 3g 45s 60c
Primordial Adornment of Domination (Legs) 57s 60c
Primordial Adornment of Elusiveness (Feet) 2g 30s 40c
Primordial Adornment of Force (Legs) 11g 66s 40c
Primordial Adornment of Furor (Hands) 3s 60c
Primordial Adornment of Power (Head) 90c
Primordial Adornment of Precision (Forearms) 7g 77s 60c
Primordial Adornment of Talent (Hands) 5g 18s 40c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 1 1s 20c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 2 4s 80c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 3 19s 20c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 4 76s 80c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 5 3g 7s 20c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 6 4g 60s 80c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 7 6g 91s 20c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 8 10g 36s 80c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 9 15g 55s 80c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 10 23g 32s 80c
Transmuting Dilutions, Volume 11 34g 99s 20c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 1 1s 20c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 2 4s 80c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 3 19s 20c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 4 76s 80c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 5 3g 7s 20c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 6 4g 60s 80c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 7 6g 91s 20c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 8 10g 36s 80c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 9 15g 55s 20c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 10 23g 32s 80c
Transmuting Distillations, Volume 11 34g 99s 20c


Available items are filtered based on your adorning skill.