Key NPCsEdit

This page is is generic to all key quest turn ins.

First, unpack your keys.

The key turn-in NPCs are not always up [Need info on pop intervals]; however, they always follow the same path, and they are trackable. Find them, then hail them to receive your rewards.

a polished elemental stone keyEdit

  • This is the common key received (~95% chance).
  • The turn-in NPC is a Kerran female, Laalah the Wanderer, Master Archeologista, who wanders a path that starts in Esoterra Gardens ( -491, 31, 743 ) /waypoint -491, 31, 743, wraps around to the coastline via a slope at ( -674, 20, 833 ) /waypoint -674.21, 20.35, 832.86 then heads towards Zivier's Reach ( -381, 16, 867 ) /waypoint -381, 16, 867, where she de-pops.
  • Laalah rewards lvl 103 solo-loot type items and merc accolades, all Heirloom. It's useful to note that some of these rewards are secondary slot items that can be cracked with Extract Planar Essence to give Planar Weapon Essences.

a polished sandstorm pearl keyEdit

a polished magma stone keyEdit

  • This is the rare key received (~1% chance).
  • The turn-in NPC is a male ratonga, Squeekir the Wanderer, Associate Archeologist, who wanders in the sandy clefts of Pakiat Bluffs, first appearing at ( -715, 69, -267 ) /waypoint -715, 69, -267 and de-pops at ( 669, 13, -893 ) /waypoint 669, 13.41, -893.
  • Rewards Fabled-quality loot.
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