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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The City of Freeport  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The City of Freeport more
How to Start Speak to Lasarian Nasin in The Coalition of Tradesfolke ( 26, -18, 75 ) /waypoint 26, -18, 75
part of: The City of Freeport Timeline
Preceded by:
Turning Water Into Wine
Followed by:
Arcane Science Versus Dark Faith

What does this information mean?


"Now that Sanura has finished refurbishing the weapons I brought her, Lasarian Nasin has asked me to deliver them to those who will use them in defense of Freeport. Getting these weapons to those who are best fit to use them should help protect the city." --Everquest II Journal


  1. Speak to The Forgotten, northeast corner of the Coliseum ( 191, -3, -37 ) /waypoint 191, -3, -37
  2. Speak to Micha Longtail in North Freeport's The Academy of Arcane Science ( 22, -7, -119 ) /waypoint 22, -7, -119
  3. Speak to Adrianna in Temple of War ( -90, -9, -163 ) /waypoint -90, -9, -163
  4. Speak to Kal'ril Nightstalker on the South Freeport north dock ( -291, -57, 141 ) /waypoint -291, -57, 141
  5. Speak to Met Sleeth on the south side of the West Freeport Champion's Coliseum ( 238, -3, 79 ) /waypoint 238, -3, 79; kill him (even con)
  6. Return to Lasarian Nasin


"I delivered the weapons. However, not everyone was happy to see me. I had to fend off an attack from the vendor, Met Sleeth. Though my actions should help protect the city, it's clear that I've also lined the pockets of the Coalition of Tradesfolke." --Everquest II Journal


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