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Tunare, The Mother of All
The Mother of All
Alignment - Good
Prophet - Eva Corunno'thes

Allied with Karana, Erollisi Marr and Rodcet Nife, and enemies with Bertoxxulous, Tunare, the Mother of All rules the Plane of Growth. Tunare appears as a very attractive older humanoid female wearing flowing robes and a crown of vines and leaves. Tunare is very protective of what she considers to be one of Her finest achievements, the good elf races of Norrath. As part of an agreement with Brell Serilis and Prexus and in response to the arrogance of Veeshan in claiming Norrath for her own, Tunare created the High Elves and the Wood Elves of Norrath. [Source]

Accepting Your Deity[]

Your quests begin (and end) with Kurista who incidentally was the same NPC doing the god quest in Antonica. You can find her in Kelethin on the first platform where the Old Acorn Lift is inside a building.

Devotion Quests[]

  1. A Time of Growth [25]
  2. Those Who Were Lost [30]
  3. Imperiled Druid Ring [55]
  4. The Priestess of Lesser Faydark [60](heroic)
  5. Faith [70]


Praying to Tunare

Blessing Name Favor Description
Nature's Caress 750 Healing spells provide a 15% greater healing amount.
Earthmother's Aegis 875 Elemental Mitigation increase, 20% chance to proc heal when damaged by spell.
Forest Spirit 1000 Pet Summon : Damage + Group Reactive Heal
Trueshot 1125 Improves Ranged Skill and Crit Chance, plus summons ammo
Tunare's Behest 1250 Pet Summon : Damage + Aggro-ripping


Miracle Name Favor Description
Life's Restoration 1125 Deals Heat damage to Undead
Blessing of Tunare 1312 Improves all Healing spells by 50%
Grove's Entanglement 1500 AE root, stifle, snare and Mitigation debuff
Growth's Replenishment 1687 Group Heal Over Time
Tunare's Lifeshield 1875 Reflects 50% of spells and wards vs. physical damage


Pet Cloak Avatar
Friend of Growth Ivy-shroud of Tunare Avatar of Growth
Friend of Growth (vis).jpg Ivy-shroud of Tunare (Equipped).jpg Avatar of Growth.jpg

Attributed Creations[]

  • elves Elder Age
  • fae likely known as spirit blossom in other places