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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Throne of Storms (Destiny of Velious)
Race Giant
Level 97▲▲▲ Tier 10 Heroic , (Approx. HP: 35,000,000)
Location Throne Room
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tribunus-Prime Hagandr comes with 3 helpers. They are as follows (all lvl97^^^): a Kromzek duplicar - 12.5M HP, heals like a boss a Kromzek scurra - 11.5M HP, drains power a Kromzel sectator - 12.5M HP, drains power

You need to burn down duplicar ASAP, his healing abilities are very strong. If you don't do it fast enough, other mobs will drain everyone of power and you won't be able to kill this encounter. After killing duplicar, get some power regen and take down scurra and sectator, they both drain mana pretty heavily.

Once the add are dead, focus on the named. It helps to perch in a corner to avoid the occasinal knockback.

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