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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Pillars of Flame  (AA)
Journal Level 58 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Pillars of Flame more
How to Start Speak with Shu Fang Qi at ( 215, -89, -1314 ) /waypoint 215, -89, -1314
part of: Ashen Order Timeline
Preceded by:
Service to the Order
Followed by:
Strange Deliveries (Ashen Order)
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  • This quest in unavailable to characters of Evil-alignment.
  • This is an unlimited repeatable quest.
  • This quest only becomes available once you hit 20,000 faction with the Ashen Order and then becomes unavailable once you hit 30,000 faction.
  • If you receive an undesirable list of target monsters, delete the quest and pick it up again; the target monsters are all randomized.

Steps Edit

  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
  • a desert lunatic
  • a desert prophet Take carpet to Prophet's Peak, then find the cleft in the rock to go up the peak. Otherwise you'll be grinding lunatics at the base of the peak to get respawns of prophets, wasting time. You can also jump with a leaper from the Sandscrawler cliff to the Prophet's Peak, just be ready to be aggro'd.
  • Kill five of one of the following (random):

Rewards Edit

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