Notes[edit | edit source]

The Trial of Sagacious Ting can refer to the solo or heroic version of the Trial of Sagacious Ting quest or the related zone instance.

  • You can choose between solo and heroic instances for this trial.
  • Mercenaries are disabled in the solo instance but permitted in the heroic instance.
  • Destroying vases will give you between 2 - 10 terracotta shards. Up to Five vases have been found in a single instance.
  • Vases are Trackable.
  • There is no lockout timer for failing either instance, but the success lockout timer is 3 days.
  • The solo and heroic instances are on separate lockout timers.
  • The reward for the solo instance is 20 monk pebbles.
  • The reward for the heroic instance is 40 monk pebbles
  • monk pebbles can be turned into Brother Huang Mantian for titles.
  • A Full List the Fallen Dynasty trials can be found on the Tower of the Four Winds Trials article.
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