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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sanctum of the Scaleborn  (AA)
Journal Level 68 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Sanctum of the Scaleborn more
How to Start Talk to Xhorroz located in the Fount of Awakening in Sanctum of the Scaleborn
part of: Claymore Timeline
Preceded by:
A Scalding Hot Encounter
Followed by:
Riddle of the Vault
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  • This heroic quest is part 9 of the Claymore Timeline. You must have completed the previous steps to begin this one.

Steps Edit

  1. Examine a book called The Chant of the Exarchs at ( -16, 58, -211 ) /waypoint -16, 58, -211 in the Exarch's Seclusion.
  2. You must then kill Exarch Trulnariz or his placeholder ("assistant"), a herald of Dar.
    • Warning This mob usually stands right in front of the book, so make sure that everyone gets the update from the book before you kill him! If you didn't do that, there is another potential way to complete this step without waiting for the respawn. There is another Exarch whose placeholder/assistant is also a herald of Dar back near the center of the Hall of Rites, directly to the south. If that herald is up, he also advances the quest.
  3. You now need to find four keys from the Scaleborn harbingers that spawn in the same room. This is an uncommon quest update.
    • They are also in a few other locations if it's crowded. Try the Banisher Preparatory ( 170, 60, -50 ) /waypoint 170, 60, -50 (as you leave the exarch room hang a right).
  4. Go back to unlock the book The Chant of the Exarchs.
  5. You must now collect 8 pieces of paper and 8 pieces of chalk.
    • Slay 8 Droags (any type) to get 8 wings like paper.
    • Harvest 8 Charcoal Clumps in Banisher Preparatory ( 151, 66, -26 ) /waypoint 150.95, 65.76, -26.46 or Ready Room ( 196, 157, -80 ) /waypoint 196.01, 157, -80. Respawn ~5 minutes
  6. Go back to the Exarch's Seclusion and click the book to transcribe it. You will obtain a transcribed coded map.
  7. Find a droag who can help you translate the map. Take the map to a Scaleborn blasphemer ( 78, 126, 171 ) /waypoint 77.91, 126.14, 170.87 in the Scaleborn Cell. (If you're unable to target him, stand really close to the cell, ensure you have a clear view of him and then use the middle wheel of your mouse to zoom in. You may need to look up to see the dialogue.)
  8. Take a sacrificial blade from the Ceremony Weapon Rack in the Room of Recovery at ( -173, 43, -180 ) /waypoint -173, 43, -180.
  9. Slay 8 Scaleborn ritualists, found in the Hall of Rites, the Pool of Spirits ( 132, 45, 145 ) /waypoint 132, 45, 145, and other areas.
  10. Return to the Ceremony Weapon Rack and place the sacrificial blade in it.
  11. Go back to a Scaleborn blasphemer in the Scaleborn Cell ( 78, 126, 171 ) /waypoint 77.91, 126.14, 170.87.
  12. Get an empty archwraith crystal in the Reservoir of Wraith ( 99, 39, -140 ) /waypoint 99, 39, -140 Eq2map from the bowl on the steps.
  13. Destroy tormented wraiths until you get one of their souls as a quest update (Could take over 12 kills).
  14. Examine the Coded Map in your inventory to decode it with the archwraith crystal.
  15. Hide the Coded Map in the Talonflight Armory. You can hide the Coded Map in The Tome of Scaleborn Tactics ( -49, 128, 199 ) /waypoint -49, 128, 199.
  16. Return to Xhorroz ( -128, 78, 204 ) /waypoint -128, 78, 204 to complete the quest.

Reward Edit

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