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Since the launch of Everquest 2, many factions relevant to those who take up a tradeskill has have been added to the world. If you'd like to learn more about how factions work and detailed info that explains how to check you faction standing, see the general article on faction.

This article describes the tradeskill factions you encounter first, in the city you chose as your home when you created a character. You can also complete some tradeskill related quests and tasks that will give you faction with cities of the same "good" or "evil" alignment as your home city. As you gain levels, additional factions outside of the major, player-inhabitable cities will offer you quests and writs too. The best way to see what's next in your career and who you need to gain faction with, see the Tradeskill Timeline.

The Purpose of the Faction[]

Tradeskill factions represent the hardworking tradeskill artisans (you and other players) who make gear and other wares for personal use or to sell on the broker. As representatives, the Non Player Character (NPCs) are generally located in one area of the city where most of the crafting activity can be carried out, along with a variety of tradeskill-related merchants.

Getting Started[]

It's wise to begin the process by going to the starter areas to complete the quest that teaches you to harvest the basic materials you need to make gear and wares. The harvesting quest also opens up the tradeskill tutorial. The tutorial will help you quickly gain tradeskill levels and your first recipes and the faster you level, the sooner you will be able to do Tradeskill Writs. The tradeskill tutorial will lead you right to the area you need to be in to start gaining faction.

In each city listed below you will find almost everything you need to start gaining tradeskill faction, but don't forget to bring your harvested materials! In order to gain faction, you need access to the crafting stations, like a Forge a Stove and Keg, and more.

You will also find:

There are two types of tradeskill writs: Work Orders that are available starting at level 15 and Rush Orders (with a 8 min. 30 sec. time limit) that are available starting at level 20.

City Faction Name Home Location
Qeynos Ironforge Exchange Home: The Ironforge Exchange across from the bank in North Qeynos
New Halas Ravens of the North Home: Across from the bank in New Halas.
Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke Home: Behind the The Coalition of Tradesfolke (POI) in West Freeport
Kelethin Tunare's Pages Home: Tunare's Pages next to the beginner's residential aerie
Neriak Dark Bargainers Home: At the Dockside markets right of the ramp down to the broker and banker
Gorowyn Academy of Logistics Home: The Wards on top level of Gorowyn in Timorous Deep