Game Update #36 added the ability for Artisans to change their tradeskill class by contacting a Tradeskill Career Counselor. You must be a crafter of at least level 10. There are NPCs in each of the five major cities who can help you with this task.

  1. Amy Recolo in Kelethin near the Tunare's Pages acorn
  2. Fidelia Recolo in Qeynos Capitol District at The Ironforge Exchange.
  3. Kit Breanut in Haven ( Ekroosik's Replicators, at the far end of the cavern).
  4. Jonak Harvester in Coalition Crafter's Association off of West Freeport.
  5. Vier N'vul in the Neriak Down Under near the Dockside Markets.
  6. Salviln Grau'tuz in Gorowyn near the entrance to The Wards.
  7. Padraig McDougal in New Halas near the Ravens' Roost at -329,176,-53

After hailing one of these NPCs and confirming your decision, you will be reverted to a level 9 Artisan and all tradeskill class-specific recipes will be removed from your recipe books.

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