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Track Harvestables is a Tradeskill Prestige ability that can be chosen as you advance in your skills.


The examine window for Track Harvestables when it has 5 points in the Seasoned Harvesting skill

This spell is part of the Seasoned Harvesting line in the Tradeskill Prestige AA tree, located at the top of the tree, under the (general) Tradeskill Prestige tab.

  • To gain the ability put, points into Seasoned Harvesting on the top left side of the general Tradeskill Prestige AA tree.

This elective tradeskill spell is highly useful for anyone who:


Above: an example of tracking harvestables in the Commonlands. The window will list the name of the "node" (the item you click) to gather, not the potential resources.

To use this ability after you've added it to you AA:

  1. Press K to open the Knowledge book and locate the icon
  2. Drag it to a hotbar
  3. Click on the icon and move around the zone until the desired item appears on the list
  4. Click the

What it Tracks[]

This ability will track by the name of the "node" (the item you click) to gather, not the potential resources.

For example, it will list Oasis Shrubbery, the node to gather food resources from in the Commonlands, not the name of any of the food resources one can gather from the shrub.

This ability can also locate:


On occasion, some nodes may not be trackable with this ability, but overall, it's function is as a broad as the scout-based tracking, though focused on gathering.