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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage more
How to Start Starting the Quest
part of: Prismatic Weapon Timeline
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Fire and Ice
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  • You must speak Krombral, the language of Giants, in order to complete this quest.

Starting the Quest

  1. Approach the ravine in Solusek Valley within Lavastorm and speak to Sebir the Historian at ( -168, -10, -546 ) /waypoint -168, -10, -546. He will tell you about a sage trapped within the nearby Maiden's Gulch instance that is need of rescuing.
  2. Enter Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage. ( -194, -2, -351 ) /waypoint -193.76, -1.65, -351.19
    • You must be minimum level 50 to bring your group into the zone. Click the door and choose the correct instance to enter.
  3. Kill the Drakota inquisitor and Vyr'drais the Vicious.
  4. Hail the Sage of Ages on the platform above the lava pit to start the quest.


  1. Enter Solusek's Eye and travel to Nagafen's Lair at the very bottom of the dungeon. ( -202, -617, -198 ) /waypoint -202, -617, -198
  2. Speak to Majordomo Inferinus who tells you that you need to learn the Elder Dragon language to be able to speak with Lord Nagafen.
  3. Return to the Sage of Ages in Antonica on the top floor of the Tower of the Oracles at ( -1030, 14, -618 ) /waypoint -1030, 14, -618. He tells you that you need to find 26 translated runes of Elder Dragon to learn the Draconic language.
    • If the Sage of Ages disappears or is not there, leave and re-enter the tower again.
  4. Gather the 26 runes.
    • If this is your first character (on a given account) completing this quest, you must gather the 26 runes from their locations in the world, as listed below.
    • If you have already completed this quest on at least one character, you can transfer the Tablet of Draconic Runes to any character on your account, as it is an heirloom. If you deleted the tablet, it can be required from the Shady Swashbuckler XVIII on the docks of Port Naythex in Nektulos Forest at ( 804, 6, -98 ) /waypoint 804, 6, -98.
  5. Return to the Sage of Ages for your reward. Afterwards, go back to Nagafen's Lair and speak with Lord Nagafen to acquire the following quest.

Rune Locations

The runes are scattered all over the Shattered Lands (the zones originally available when the game launched).


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