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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage more
How to Start See below
part of: Prismatic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Fire and Ice
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You must know Krombral, the Giants' language, in order to complete this quest.

Starting the Quest

  1. Approach the ravine in Lavastorm that leads to the entry to Maiden's Gulch and speak to Sebir the Historian ( -168, -10, -546 ) /waypoint -168, -10, -546 who tells you about the sage who needs to be rescued.
  2. Enter Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage. (You must be minimum level 50 to bring your group into the zone.) The Entrance is at ( -194, -2, -351 ) /waypoint -193.76, -1.65, -351.19. Click the door and choose the correct instance to enter.
  3. Kill the Drakota Inquisitor and Vyr'drais the Vicious (51^^ Heroic) with 2 adds, and then hail The Sage of Ages on the platform behind him to start the quest.


  1. Once you've started the quest with the Sage, travel to the bottom of Solusek's Eye (sublevel 6, where translucent paths wind over the lava) and enter Nagafen's Lair. ( -202, -617, -198 ) /waypoint -202, -617, -198.
    • Hint: Check the Nagafen's Lair page for map walkthrough
    • Hint: If you have slowfall, jump down the extremely deep hole near the entrance of the zone. It will take you straight to the lowest level. Make sure you have the waypoint targeted as you can overshoot and die in the lava.
    • Note: to get to Nagafen's Lair you will need to take a lift to the third floor ( -325, -595, 187 ) /waypoint -325, -595, 187 in the Giant Apartments. It may appear that you can only travel up to the second floor, so to get to the third floor open the door once you arrive at the second floor and hit the "up" option on the triangular button just inside the door. Then hustle back onto the lift since there is a short delay before the lift moves up to the third floor. There will be a one-way ledge at ( -103, -614, -292 ) /waypoint -103, -614, -292 followed by the Oratorium of Thyr. (This instance is not required for the quest, but must be completed unless you have the assistance of someone with access to the deserted version.)
    • Hint: Target Lord Thyr then hit H to hail him. Defeat Lord Thyr and then use the door behind him. Then follow the path to the gong and click it to enter Nagafen's Lair.
  2. Speak to Majordomo Inferinus who tells you that you need to learn the Elder Dragon language to be able to speak with Lord Nagafen.
  3. Return to The Sage of Ages in Antonica on the top floor of the Tower of the Oracles ( -1030, 14, -618 ) /waypoint -1030, 14, -618. If he disappears or is not there, leave and re-enter the tower again. He tells you that you need to find 26 translated runes of Elder Dragon to learn the language.
  4. Gather the 26 runes: If this is your first character (on a given account) completing this quest, you must gather the 26 runes from their locations in the world, as listed below.
    • If you have already completed this quest on at least one character, you can transfer the heirloom tablet of the runes from completing the quest (which can be re-purchased at the Shady Swashbuckler on the Nektulos docks) through the shared bank. Examining this tablet will satisfy this step.
  5. Once you have all 26, speak to The Sage of Ages again in Antonica at ( -1030, 14, -618 ) /waypoint -1030, 14, -618 for your reward.

Locations of the runes

The runes are scattered all over the Shattered Lands (the zones originally available when the game launched).


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