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|Translated Voth Rune
|Translated Voth Rune
|{{Zone|The Obelisk of Lost Souls}}
|{{Zone|The Obelisk of Lost Souls}}
|Instrument of Torture room (level 1) Recommended to enter Obelisk of Lost Souls through the Feerrott entrance if you haven't done any quests in this zone
|Next to Instrument of Torture room (level 1) Recommended to enter Obelisk of Lost Souls through the Feerrott entrance if you haven't done any quests in this zone
|On table {{Loc|-48|594|286}}
|On table {{Loc|-48|594|286}}

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage more
How to Start See below
part of: Prismatic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Words of Pure Magic
Followed by:
Fire and Ice
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You MUST have learned Krombral (Giant-language) or you will not be able to zone into the Oratorium Of Thyr and will not be able to reach Nagafen for the final portion of this quest. When traveling from the top of the zone to the Oratorium there are approximately enough Giants to drop enough Giant Idols get two members of your party all six necessary idols.

Starting the Quest

  1. Approach the ravine in Lavastorm that leads to the entry to Maiden's Gulch and speak to Sebir the Historian, who tells you about the sage who needs rescuing.
  2. Zone a group of players at least level 45 into Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage.
  3. Kill the named drakota, Vyr'drais the Vicious with 2 adds, and hail the Sage of Ages on the platform behind him to start the quest'.


  1. Once you've started the quest with the Sage, travel to the bottom of Solusek's Eye (where translucent paths wind over the lava) and enter the The Oratorium of Thyr ( -202, -617, -198 ) /waypoint -202, -617, -198.
    • To get to the paths which lead to the Oratorium you will need to take a lift ( -325, -595, 187 ) /waypoint -325, -595, 187 to the third floor in the Giant Apartments, but it may appear that you can only travel up to the second floor. To get to the third floor, open the door once you arrive at the second floor and hit the "up" option on the triangular button just inside the door (you may need to run into the room and back to the lift, but there is a short delay on the lift which should allow you to do so before the lift moves up to the third floor).
  2. Just before you reach the Oratorium there is a ledge you must jump down ( -103, -614, -292 ) /waypoint -103, -614, -292.
  3. Fight your way through the Oratorium (level 50-51^^ giants) to Flame Lord Thyr.
    1. Hail him to spawn two Efreeti minions. Any member of the party can do this, as long as the party is prepared to fight the Efreeti after the hail.
      • Tip: You must be close to him to get the conversation tree - this confused me for quite some time.
    2. After defeating the Efreeti minions, have a non-critical party member hail the Flame Lord.
      • The person hailing the Flame Lord is temporarily banished to a cage from which they cannot escape and will draw aggro from magma elementals in the zone (if they haven't been cleared previously). Note: even if the magma elementals do not aggro (ex: they are grey con) you will need to fight them anyway once banished to the cage.
      • The person doing the hailing should obviously not be your main tank. Conjurers, Necromancers and Illusionists are able to use their pet while in the cage. It is also possible to cast down on the Flamelord and to heal from the cage.
      • If you can solo the Flamelord, it is possible to range pull him to the cage (or root him to a safe distance) and complete the instance solo, but the task can be difficult. Use a bow with at least a 45 meter range and +5 range arrows.
    3. After the Flame Lord is defeated, the person in the cage is immediately teleported to the back door from the cage.
  4. Exit the Oratorium using the Doorway BEHIND where you initially hailed Tyr to proceed on to Nagafen's Lair.
    • After defeating Thyr, you gain access to a new version of the zone called Oratorium of Thyr (Deserted) which will allow you to pass through later without fighting.
  5. Use the gong to have your group enter Nagafen's Lair.
    • Because you do not know the Elder Dragon language (the whole point of this quest is to learn it), you can't speak to Lord Nagafen once you enter.
  6. Speak to Majordomo Inferinus who tells you that you need to learn the language Elder Dragon to be able to speak to Lord Nagafen.
  7. Speak to the Sage of Ages in Antonica on the top floor of the Tower of the Oracles. He tells you that you need to find 26 translated runes of Elder Dragon to learn the language.
  8. Gather the 26 runes and speak to the Sage of Ages again.

The runes are scattered all over the Shattered Lands of Norrath (the zones originally available when the game launched):

Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Translated Vee Rune South Qeynos Mage Tower Take yellow teleporter and it's under the stairs on the left ( 698, 82, 127 ) /waypoint 698, 82, 127
Translated Fen Rune North Freeport Upper level of Academy of Arcane Science The single book standing upright on the table near Paragon Jalex ( 3, 7, -116 ) /waypoint 3, 7, -116
Translated Dar Rune Fallen Gate Little Neriak On a table in the second house on the left ( 168, 18, -84 ) /waypoint 168, 18, -84)
Translated Aerr Rune Stormhold Library On a bookshelf across from the door ( -127, -32, -140 ) /waypoint -127, -32, -140, you get access by clicking on a grate in the floor at ( 5, -26, -121 ) /waypoint 5, -26, -121 on the second level down in Stormhold.
Translated Vul Rune Nektulos Forest Citadel of Gul'thex In the top of the rear, right-hand tower (as you enter), a chest on the second floor under the stairs ( 701, 10, -735 ) /waypoint 701, 10, -735
Translated Phar Rune The Thundering Steppes Village of Thundermist Bag behind merchant's counter in the house with the ambassador ( 609, 0, -86 ) /waypoint 609, 0, -86
Translated Kor Rune Runnyeye Room with quest fairy Next to a banner, a book under a plank ( -72, 1, -95 ) /waypoint -72, 1, -95
Translated Sev Rune Runnyeye Banker room Second tier of structure next to second ladder up ( 62, -11, -13 ) /waypoint 62, -11, -13
Translated Tal Rune Rivervale House of Circles A red book under the table (Orcs will jump you when you leave) ( -834, -6, -108 ) /waypoint -834, -6, -108
Translated Gor Rune Rivervale The mill in East Rivervale, just past The Laughing Trout An orange book on shelf in the corner on your right after entering the mill ( -515, 0, -215 ) /waypoint -515, 0, -215
Translated Shi Rune Ruins of Varsoon Tome of Life room Blue spine book on the east wall ( 9, 4, 72 ) /waypoint 9, 4, 72
Translated Mir Rune Ruins of Varsoon Room of the Enchanter Scroll next to blue book ( 256, -3, 133 ) /waypoint 256, -3, 133
Translated Gresh Rune The Feerrott Hidden Camp tent in merchant area Go inside the tent and look around in the wooden supports near the roof ( -149, 14, 188 ) /waypoint -149, 14, 188
Translated Draedan Rune The Feerrott Gogoth Bridge Under west side near waterline ( -342, -8, 490 ) /waypoint -342, -8, 490
Translated Xak Rune The Feerrott Eye of Thule pyramid Lower level on table next to vase ( -329, -5, 849 ) /waypoint -329, -5, 849
Translated Rakta Rune The Temple of Cazic-Thule Room next to the pool of dread Next to small steps ( -35, 0, 11 ) /waypoint -35, 0, 11
Translated Trena Rune The Temple of Cazic-Thule Pool of Dread Next to small steps ( 3, -2, 6 ) /waypoint 3, -2, 6
Translated Trana Rune The Temple of Cazic-Thule Ux Uvol's room Scroll on table ( 0, -12, -98 ) /waypoint 0, -12, -98
Translated Kyth Rune Permafrost Main Level, East On top of Alangria's table back left corner( -149, 4, -452 ) /waypoint -149, 4, -452
Translated Vak Rune Permafrost Main Level, West On top of statue quest table ( 160, 6, -432 ) /waypoint 160, 6, -432
Translated Sissra Rune Permafrost Lower level Under a table at the forge ( 113, -34, -186 ) /waypoint 113, -34, -186
Translated Sissthra Rune The Obelisk of Lost Souls Aethenaeum of Shadows (level 3) You will need to complete a quest to access the 2nd and 3rd levels, if you haven't done so already Scroll near a candle ( -429, 395, 243 ) /waypoint -429, 395, 243
Translated Rett Rune The Obelisk of Lost Souls Anchor Room (level 3) You will need to complete a quest to access the 2nd and 3rd levels, if you haven't done so already Next to a cabinet ( -435, 370, 331 ) /waypoint -435, 370, 331
Translated Voth Rune The Obelisk of Lost Souls Next to Instrument of Torture room (level 1) Recommended to enter Obelisk of Lost Souls through the Feerrott entrance if you haven't done any quests in this zone On table ( -48, 594, 286 ) /waypoint -48, 594, 286
Translated Nak Rune Solusek's Eye Outside Glassworker's room On the floor to the right of the table ( -256, -516, 94 ) /waypoint -256, -516, 94, Sublevel 6
Translated Fyrm Rune Solusek's Eye Inside Glassworker's room Scroll on a table on the left side of room ( -317, -516, 127 ) /waypoint -317, -516, 127, Sublevel 6


  • The ability to speak Draconic
  • At least 15g 15s 54c
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