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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark
Introduced Shattered Lands
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage more
How to Start Starting the Quest
part of: Prismatic Weapon Timeline
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Fire and Ice
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  • You must speak Krombral, the language of Giants, in order to complete this quest.

Starting the Quest[]

  1. Approach the ravine in Solusek Valley within Lavastorm and speak to Sebir the Historian at ( -168, -10, -546 ) Copy. He will tell you about a sage trapped within the nearby Maiden's Gulch instance that is need of rescuing.
  2. Enter Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage. ( -194, -2, -351 ) Copy
    • You must be minimum level 50 to bring your group into the zone. Click the door and choose the correct instance to enter. (45 min for zone)
  3. Kill the Drakota inquisitor and Vyr'drais the Vicious.
  4. Hail the Sage of Ages on the platform above the lava pit to start the quest.


  1. Enter Solusek's Eye and travel to Nagafen's Lair at the very bottom of the dungeon. ( -202, -617, -198 ) Copy
  2. Speak to Majordomo Inferinus who tells you that you need to learn the Elder Dragon language to be able to speak with Lord Nagafen. - You will need to be able to speak giant to get this quest update.
  3. Return to the Sage of Ages in Antonica on the top floor of the Tower of the Oracles at ( -1030, 14, -618 ) Copy. He tells you that you need to find 26 translated runes of Elder Dragon to learn the Draconic language.
    • If the Sage of Ages disappears or is not there, leave and re-enter the tower again.
  4. Gather the 26 runes.
    • If this is your first character (on a given account) completing this quest, you must gather the 26 runes from their locations in the world, as listed below.
    • If you have already completed this quest on at least one character, you can transfer the Tablet of Draconic Runes to any character on your account, as it is an heirloom. Examine the Tablet of Draconic Runes, Study the Runes, Commit the runes to memory then the quest will advance through all 26 runes. If you deleted the tablet, it can be re-acquired from the Shady Swashbuckler XVIII on the docks of Port Naythex in Nektulos Forest at ( 804, 6, -98 ) Copy.
  5. Return to the Sage of Ages for your reward. Afterwards, go back to Nagafen's Lair and speak with Lord Nagafen to acquire the following quest.

Rune Locations[]

The runes are scattered all over the Shattered Lands (the zones originally available when the game launched).

To see or close the full list of rune locations, click:  


Translated Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Vee Qeynos Capitol District Concordium Tower Take the yellow teleporter up and head to the bottom. The scroll is under the stairs on the left. ( 698, 82, 127 ) Copy
Aerr Stormhold Library On a bookshelf across from the door on the opposite wall between tables, look for a book slightly out from the others. ( -127, -32, -140 ) Copy (You get access by clicking on a grate in the floor at ( 5, -26, -121 ) Copy on the second level down in Stormhold.)
Phar The Thundering Steppes Village of Thundermist A bag behind the merchant's counter in the house with the ambassador. ( 609, 0, -86 ) Copy
Shi The Ruins of Varsoon Tome of Life's room The book with the blue spine on the east wall. ( 9, 4, 72 ) Copy (on "Center" map)
Mir The Ruins of Varsoon Workshop of the Enchanter A scroll next to blue book. ( 256, -3, 133 ) Copy


Translated Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Gresh The Feerrott The Hidden Camp Go inside the tent behind Merchant Murgina and look up. The scroll is standing on its end next to the center pole up top. ( -149, 14, 187 ) Copy
Draedan The Feerrott Golgoth Bridge Under the bridge, facing west, a brown tome leaning up against center support pillar of bridge. ( -342, -8, 492 ) Copy
Xak The Feerrott The Temple of Alliz On the lower level, atop a table next to a vase. ( -329, -5, 849 ) Copy
Rakta The Temple of Cazic-Thule Room next to The Pool of Dread Next to some small steps. ( -35, 0, 11 ) Copy
Trena The Temple of Cazic-Thule The Pool of Dread Next to some small steps. ( 3, -2, 6 ) Copy
Trana The Temple of Cazic-Thule Ux Uval's room Up on a table. ( 0, -12, -98 ) Copy
Voth The Obelisk of Lost Souls Near the instrument of torture's room On level 1, on a table. ( -48, 594, 286 ) Copy
Sissthra The Obelisk of Lost Souls The Aethenaeum of Shadows On level 3, the scroll is near a candle. ( -429, 396, 244 ) Copy
Rett The Obelisk of Lost Souls The Medium of Cron's room On level 3, next to a cabinet near the Medium of Cron. ( -436, 371, 332 ) Copy
  • Sissthra and Rett Runes: You will need to complete the access quest Summoning the Creator in order to unlock the door leading to the lower levels. When you're in the central chamber and the purple glowing exit is behind you, then the way forward is level 1, the way to the right is level 2.
  • Voth Rune: You will either have to complete the access quest Entrance into the Obelisk or use the Feerrott zone-in which puts you just inside the Obelisk.
  • One entrance to the Obelisk of Lost Souls is in the Commonlands at ( 1061, -37, -452 ) Copy, not far from the griffin station. Kill any shadowed men and you see and portal will open (it has a purple glow), then click on the portal to enter the zone. There is another entrance in Antonica near the wizard spires at ( -2220, -14, -953 ) Copy which works in the same way. A Druid or Sorcerer portal can be used to get there quickly.

The Enchanted Lands[]

Translated Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Kor Runnyeye In the room with quest fairy Dyrilisia. Next to a banner, find a book under a plank. ( -72, 1, -95 ) Copy
Sev Runnyeye The Banker's room On the second tier of structure next to the second ladder up, just under the torn curtain. ( 62, -11, -14 ) Copy
Tal Rivervale The House of Circles A red book under the table. ( -834, -6, -108 ) Copy

Once you leave the house you will be attacked by six lvl 50 Deathfist marauders.

Gor Rivervale The mill past The Laughing Trout An orange book on the lowest shelf in the right-hand corner after entering the mill. ( -515, 0, -215 ) Copy


Translated Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Kyth Permafrost Main Level, Eastern side On top of Alangria's table, at the back left corner. ( -149, 4, -452 ) Copy
Vak Permafrost Main Level, Western side On top of the statue quest table. ( 160, 6, -432 ) Copy
Sissra Permafrost Basement level Under a table in a rucksack at the forge. ( 115, -35, -181 ) Copy


Translated Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Nak Solusek's Eye Sublevel 6, the Glassworker's room Outside of the Glassworkers's Room, On the floor to the right of the table. ( -257, -516, 95 ) Copy
Fyrm Solusek's Eye Sublevel 6, the Glassworker's room The scroll on a table on the left side of room. ( -317, -516, 127 ) Copy If you cannot reach it, stand behind the table and look for good angle - zoom out with the camera!

Note: To get to Solusek's Eye, in Lavastorm, take the horse to the Dragon's Breath Station. Right beside the horse, go through the tunnel and follow the cliff path to the entrance to Solusek's Eye.

The short description to get to the Glass Room

  • To get to the Glassworker's room, go to Sublevel 7 and go to the elevator at ( -313, -512, 186 ) Copy and go up one level, and then exit.

The long description to get to the Glass Room:

  • Make your way to the 5th floor
  • On the 5th level, take the elevator at ( -53, -381, 89 ) Copy It will take you down to the 7th level.
  • On the 7th level, head to the door at ( -354, -594, 239 ) Copy
  • Go through the door and the rooms to reach the elevator at ( -315, -594, 187 ) Copy
  • Take the elevator up to the 6th level and go though the door at ( -364, -512, 206 ) Copy
  • Follow the red glass walkway to the door at ( -312, -516, 74 ) Copy
  • Once through the door, the Glass Room is on your left.


Translated Rune Zone Building/Area Location
Fen The City of Freeport Academy of Arcane Science In the upper level, the single book standing upright on the table near Savant Ka'im. ( 3, 7, -116 ) Copy See notes below for good toons entering Freeport safely.
Dar Fallen Gate Little Neriak On a table in the second house on the left. ( 168, 18, -84 ) Copy)
Vul Nektulos Forest The Citadel of Gul'thex In the rearmost right-hand tower (as you enter), a chest on the second floor under the stairs. ( 701, 10, -735 ) Copy

Instructions for getting good toons into Freeport safely for the Fen rune. There are four guards along the route, all level 45 Heroic, but invis worked on all of them.

  1. From the Commonlands, head to the entrance of the Thieves Way just south of the main Freeport gate. ( -1245, -82, 121 ) Copy
  2. Enter the Thieves Way. The entrance to Freeport North is across the room. Find a click-able grate in the wall. All four portals to the different districts of Freeport are in this room, so make sure you enter North Freeport. ( -123, 1, 50 ) Copy
  3. Enter North Freeport. Follow the wall away from the sewer entrance until you see a ramp going upward to your right. Take the ramp. A guard stands at the bottom of the ramp.
  4. The Academy of Arcane Science is at the top of ramp. There are two guards at the door of the academy, but no other potential attackers.
  5. Enter the academy, turn left, and take the left elevator to the upper balcony.
  6. There is one last skeleton guard standing watch up here, but if you keep to the ledge, you can get to the book without aggro. If using invis, it will break when you click on the book.
  7. Get your rune from the book (green book standing on edge on the table) and port out.