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What gear is awarded from which Advanced Solo zones?

   Hive - Bracers
   Nexus Core - Weapons
   High Keep - Shoulders
   Pickclaw- Gloves
   Stasis – Helm
   Stratum - Boots
   ToV Halls - Legs
   ToV Labs - Chest

What gear is awarded from which Heroic zones?

   Hive: Arcane Boots or Arcane Gloves
   Nexus: Arcane Shoulders or Arcane Bracers
   High Keep: Arcane Helm or Arcane Legs
   Pickclaw: Arcane Helm or Arcane Legs
   Stratum: Arcane Chest, Potent Forearms
   Stasis: Arcane Chest, Potent Forearms or Cloak
   ToV Halls: Potent Boots, Potent Gloves or Belt
   ToV Labs: Potent Helm or Potent Shoulders
   ToV Vulak’Aeer Dominion: Potent Chest or Potent Legs

What are the tiers of armor in Tears of Veeshan?

Arcane and Potent gear is awarded in an Ornate Crate of Goods for completing the dungeon missions. These items are all upgradeable with Etyma-purchased (or player-crafted for less Etyma) gems.

   Cryptic – Advanced Solo (up to 4 yellow gems)
   Arcane – Tier 1 Heroic (up to 4 blue gems)
   Potent – Tier 2 Heroic (up to 3 green gems)
   Energized – Tier 1 Raid (1 red gem)
   Mystical – Tier 2 Raid (1 purple gem)

What’s the quickest way to get Draconic Etyma, the expansion’s new heroic token?

Heroic: Each of the nine dungeons have a daily (18 hr) mission: 3 Draconic Etyma
Heroic: Daily mission to a random zone: 3 Etyma
Heroic: Weekly mission to two specific zones: 15 Etyma
Heroic: Daily mission to kill the “Pillar” bonus heroic named in each zone.
 Available after completing the Tears of Veeshan signature quest. 5 Etyma.
Adv Solo: Dungeon (18 hr repeat) mission: 1 Etyma
Adv Solo: Daily mission that rewards: 1 Etyma
Adv Solo: Weekly mission to two specific zones: 10 Etyma
Tradeskill: Daily tradeskill mission: 1 Etyma
Tradeskill: Weekly tradeskill mission: 10 Etyma
Overland Shiny Collections in Vesspyr Isles: 3 Etyma

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