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The art of Tinkering was reintroduced to the wold of Norrath as a secondary tradeskill in Everquest 2 with Echoes of Faydwer.

Becoming a Tinkerer

Unlike the original Everquest, one does not need to be a Gnome to become a Tinkerer. One simply needs to already be a tradeskiller, have the expansion, and visit a Tinkerer Trainer or Master. The trainers can be found on the docks in Butcherblock Mountains or in the treetop city of Kelethin.

Leveling Up a Tinkerer

A tradesman does not gain levels in a traditional manner with the new Secondary trades. What you can craft and what recipe books you can scribe are based on your skill in the craft. When you craft an item at or around your skill level you have a chance of gaining a skill point. The maximum skill points you can earn is based on your crafting level using the same formula as the normal crafting skills: (5 x Level).

What Does a Tinkerer Make, Anyway?

A Tinkerer can craft a large variety of items items that range from tools that give small bonuses to crafters up to resurrection items and dumbfire pets. Tinkering recipies are extremely resource intensive. Beginning recipies often use up to 10 or more Loam, Soft Metal, Gems, Hard Metal, and Coal. Unlike main tradeskills, the secondary recipies will often return a portion of the used ingredients to the crafter, based on the amount used in the recipe and the quality item produced. Other than the amount of resources returned to the crafter, there is no difference in what quality item is produced. This includes the stats of the items and appears to include the chance of getting a skill gain.

For a list of tinkered items please see the Tinkering Recipies page.

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