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The Qeynos Harbor Trader during Frostfell

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Erudite
Zone see Location (LU53)
Location (see below)

These traders sell rewards for those assisting The Chronomancers by performing the quests described in Path of the Past Timeline.


They can be found in the starting cities of Norrath:



These armor pieces can be purchased after having +10,000 faction with The Chronomancers.

Item Price
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Cuirass 1p 8g
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Gauntlets 79g 20s
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Greaves 93g 60s
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Gussets 72g
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Helm 86g 40s
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Sabatons 72g
Frosted Ceremonial Plate Spaulders 86g 40s
Regal Ceremonial Plate Cuirass 1p 8g
Regal Ceremonial Plate Gauntlets 79g 20s
Regal Ceremonial Plate Greaves 93g 60s
Regal Ceremonial Plate Gussets 72g
Regal Ceremonial Plate Helm 86g 40s
Regal Ceremonial Plate Sabatons 72g
Regal Ceremonial Plate Spaulders 86g 40s
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Cuirass 1p 8g
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Gauntlets 79g 20s
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Greaves 93g 60s
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Gussets 72g
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Helm 86g 40s
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Sabatons 72g
Royal Blue Ceremonial Plate Spaulders 86g 40s
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Cuirass 1p 8g
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Gauntlets 79g 20s
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Greaves 93g 60s
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Gussets 72g
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Helm 86g 40s
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Sabatons 72g
Verdant Ceremonial Plate Spaulders 86g 40s


These house items can be purchased after completing missions for their respective instances for 1p 8g.

Item Zone
Replica: Aeri'ssth, the Magic Weaver Nizara, City of the Nayad
Replica: Ancient Cyclops Ancient's Table
Replica: Aysor The Mighty Poet's Palace
Replica: Bek'Tar The Mighty The Condemned Catacomb
Replica: Boss Gobblerock Gobblerock's Hideout
Replica: Captain Ulssissaris Cove of Decay
Replica: Cazel the Mad Cazel's Mesa
Replica: Chamberlain X'haviz Nest of the Great Egg
Replica: Count Valdoon Kel'Novar Crypt of Valdoon
Replica: Custodian of the Dust The Vault of Dust
Replica: Doom Lord Septimus The Halls of Fate
Replica: Emperor D'Vinn The Acadechism
Replica: Emperor Fyst Deathfist Citadel
Replica: Galintari the Apocryphal Firemyst Gully
Replica: Garanel Rucksif Estate of Unrest
Replica: Grogsnot the Mellow Nektropos Castle: Tribulation
Replica: Ibtinaya the Scorned Scornfeather Roost
Replica: Interrogator Bruek Obelisk of Blight
Replica: King Klak'Anon the Mechnamagnus Court of Innovation
Replica: Korgo the Vault Keeper Vaults of El'Arad
Replica: Kyr'Tok Shard of Fear
Replica: Lord Djarn The Bastion of Flames
Replica: Lord Everling Nektropos Castle: The Return
Replica: Maltus Everling Nektropos Castle
Replica: Master Thief Adham The Hidden Cache
Replica: Meldrath the Iron Lich The Mines of Meldrath
Replica: Meldrath the Malignant The Mines of Meldrath
Replica: Mistress Zhvari, Nizari'zhi Nizara, City of the Nayad
Replica: Naerius D'Lyle Valley of the Rogue Magi
Replica: Nilth T'Feyd Tombs of Night
Replica: Noble Dojorn The Sanctum of Fire
Replica: Oranti the Rizen Blackscale Sepulcher
Replica: Queen Zynixia Tower of the Drafling
Replica: Sirn'Vehn The Sanctorium
Replica: The Devourer Den of the Devourer
Replica: Tseralith Vault of the Fallen
Replica: Ugkry the Trainer Bloodskull Valley: The Training Grounds
Replica: Vashyn T'Reyn The Crypt of T'haen
Replica: Zarvonn's Creation The Eternal Gorge