The passage of time in Norrath follows a simple set of rules. Norrath experiences both day and night as well as months and seasons.

Norrath to Earth Time ConversionEdit

Norrath Time Earth Time
1 Sec 1/20th Sec
1 Min 3 Secs
1 Hour 3 Mins
6 Hours 18 Mins
12 Hours 36 Mins
1 Day 72 Mins
1 Week 8 hours and 24 mins
1 Month (30 days) 36 hours
1 Year (365 days) 18 days and 6 hours

Earth to Norrath Time ConversionEdit

Earth Time Norrath Time
1 Sec 20 Secs
1 Min 20 Mins
1 Hour 20 Hours
3 Hours 2.5 Days
6 Hours 5 Days
12 Hours 10 Days
24 Hours 20 Days

Norrathian Days of the WeekEdit

Norrath utilizes a ten-day week:

  1. Feastday (roughly equivalent to Earth's Sunday, a day of rest)
  2. Darkday (roughly equivalent to Earth's Monday, the first day of the work week)
  3. Burnday (the day trash is burned)
  4. Soulday (a day of remembrance, many lives were lost throughout the Shattering, and many survivors' descendants feel honor-bound to weekly remembrance)
  5. Windday (fresh winds and weighed anchors fill the bustling port cities with the raw stuff of industry, traditionally caravanned inland on this day)
  6. Steelday (a day of full-blown productivity among craftsmen, the forges are lit early on this day)
  7. Spryday (teamsters rush to deliver newly produced wares to merchantmen and the docks today, general considered the busiest day of the week)
  8. Moorday (dockworkers load cargo onto ships destined for far-away lands)
  9. Brewday (with much of the week's work done, attentions are turned to the local traders and merchants)
  10. Mirthday (a final day of work, then a night of fun!)


The three seasons of Norrath are imbued with a more agrarian understanding of life.

  • Decay (cold, damp, and windy - little of what's exposed to the weather survives)
  • Growth (a time of renewal, Ro seems to find his heat as Norrath blossoms)
  • Harvest (the peak of the warm season, when foodstuffs are gathered and stored away against the Decay)

Norrathian MonthsEdit

  1. Deepice (Decay) - The doldrums of winter, all the world seems encased in cold and shadow.
  2. Grayeven (Decay) - Dawn breaks on the wintry scene, life stirs and finds its legs.
  3. Stargazing (Growth) - The clarity of the cold night offers an unhindered glance deep into the heavens, as the warming days make the out-of-doors habitable again.
  4. Weeping (Growth) - Rain and wind sweep across the lands, a tempestuous mix for mariners, from which new life finally springs on land.
  5. Blossoming (Growth) -Norrath in full flower, the air warm and sweet at last.
  6. Oceansfull (Growth) - The tides are most favorable for mariners as what's left of Luclin reaches its perigee.
  7. Scorchedsky (Harvest) -The heat feels closest as it ripens the fruits and grains of the fields.
  8. Warmstill (Harvest) - The days are still very long and the climate yet favorable for returning home from far-away adventures.
  9. Busheldown (Harvest) - When the last fruits of the growing season are gathered in and stored away.
  10. Lastleaf (Harvest) - Feasts abound as Norrathians celebrate the bounty of the far-distant gods' favor.
  11. Firstchill (Decay) - Winter signals its coming as the days grow long.
  12. Deadening (Decay) - Life settles indoors and deep in-ground yet again.


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