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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Miscellaneous
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes more
How to Start Speak with Duggin Brandywine. ( -469, -21, -405 ) /waypoint -469, -21, -405
part of: The Thundering Steppes Timeline
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  1. Harvest 100 foodstuffs from bushes and dens in The Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest.
  2. Once you've gathered 100 foodstuffs, return to Duggin for your reward.


  • 3s 14c

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  • Gathering skill 90+ AND/OR Trapping skill 90+ is required to complete this quest. Foodstuffs must be harvested in-zone: purchased or traded items will not count towards the quest.
  • You cannot do this quest at the same time as the Gathering Obsession quests from Mara. The collects for Tiffin for Duggin will override the Mara quests.
  • Gathering in Butcherblock Mountains works as well.
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