Thulkanil Shai'lin

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant (The Watchers of Timorous)
Race Sarnak
Zone Timorous Deep (Rise of Kunark)
Location The Assembly of Gorowyn2645, 66, 1163 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI

Sells[edit | edit source]

Items for sale Price Faction needed
a heretic's cauldron 30s 10000 status 10,000
a heretic's chanting podium 30s 10000 status 10,000
a necromantic skull lamp 4g 80s 30000 status 30,000
an academy lab table 30s 10000 status 10,000
an arcane lab distillery set 1g 20s 20000 status 20,000
an ornate weapon holder vase 30s 10000 status 10,000
ceremonial formal ensemble 30g 67s 49c 169886 status 40,000
City of Gorowyn: Apprentice 15g 36s 20000 status 10,000
City of Gorowyn: Parser 61g 44s 30000 status 20,000
City of Gorowyn: Primary 3p 68g 64s 50000 status 40,000
City of Gorowyn: Secondary 2p 45g 76s 40000 status 30,000
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