Thule Camp

Thule Camp

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Feerrott (Shattered Lands)
Location Turn east as you exit the beach tunnel and follow the wall and you will eventually reach this camp at ( 164, -9, 171 ) /waypoint 164, -9, 171 However, the actual POI point is at ( 10, -9, 253 ) /waypoint 10, -9, 253
Discovery Location (AA) yes

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Representing the god of fear this location is defined by a circle formed by ancient pillars or totems of stone. The very trees that claim most structures that attempted to defy the land here refuse to enter the clearing creating a glade fit for a campsite, but bones often found within hint that this is no place to rest, the Thulian disciples are ravenous!


  • Thule Camp is also referred to as 'Thulian Glade'.

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