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Throne of Fear

Throne of Fear: Ascension (Advanced Solo)

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Chains of Eternity
Level Range 95
Zone in from The Eidolon Jungle
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
NPCs Monsters Names
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What does this information mean?

  • Advanced Solo version of this instance
  • Zone Walkthrough
A blissful Amygdalan
  1. Speak to the haunted Amygdalan to the south if you want the buff "Empowerment of Terris" (bonuses to melee), or to the blissful Amygdalan for "Empowerment of Morrel" (bonus to casting).
  2. Head west through the gate that has opened and follow the hallway to the next room. ( -229, 0, 58 ) /waypoint -229, 0, 58
  3. Clear the lizardmen groups on either side of Pharinch's room.
  4. Kill Pharinich (updates And His Name Is...). He may spawn a manifestation of the dead during the fight.
    • You will now have a 3 day timer on this zone.
  5. Quest: Lost Keys - click on the runestone ( -195, 0, 80 ) /waypoint -195, 0.19, 80 in Pharinich's room.
  6. Go south through the gate that opened and follow the hallway to the next room ( -157, -24, 41 ) /waypoint -157, -24, 41 . This room is a series of raised platforms with the named in the center. Don't fall... it won't end well.
  7. Kill A Planar Manifestation (96^) (updates And His Name Is...). If you have good ranged and a mercenary the easiest way to fight this might be from attacking in the hallway and sending in the merc. Multiple fearful manifestations may spawn during the fight.
  8. The gate to the north is now open. If you're working on Lost Keys, take the platforms to the east.
  9. Quest: Lost Keys - click on the runestone ( -174, -27, -0 ) /waypoint -174, -27, -0.43 in the Planar Manifestation's room.
  10. Follow the hallway north to the next room. ( -100, 0, -104 ) /waypoint -100, 0.28, -104
  11. Kill all of the ireblind imps.
  12. Kill The Enraged Imp (96^) (updates And His Name Is...).
  13. The gate to the west is now open. Follow the hallway to the next room.( -19, 0, -140 ) /waypoint -19, 0.22, -140
  14. Kill all of the alerted frights and watchful frights.
  15. Kill The Thoughtbleeder (96^) (updates And His Name Is...).
  16. Quest: Lost Keys - click on the runestone ( -10, 0, -203 ) /waypoint -10, 0.11, -203 in the Thoughtbleeder's room.
  17. The gate to the west is now open. Follow the hallway to the next room. ( 103, 15, -137 ) /waypoint 103, 15, -137
  18. Quest: Lost Keys - click on the runestone. ( 127, 16, -157 ) /waypoint 127, 16, -157
  19. Speak to the Amygdalan you spoke to earlier. The gate to the west will open.
  20. Go down the hallway and walk to the circle in the center of the final room.
  21. Kill Baelon of Thule (96^^). During this fight Baelon will swing his mace at least once, dealing about 1.5 million damage to anyone in its path.
    • The trick is to run under his belly and stay there until he has almost no health.
    • If the above belly trick does not work (failed for me 4 times) stay under his left foot. You will take damage but not from the mace and will win
  22. Quest: And His Name Is... - loot an ancient stone tablet from Baelon's chest.


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