This page is an opinion piece. It's a theory on races and elements. Elemental planar beings are mostly female, coming from fire, earth, air, water. Influence planar beings are mostly male, coming from planes of influence. And Reptillian coming from a place outside the native norrathian universe. The main implication from this is that conjurors should have female pets summoned from elemental realms, and necromancers call forth familiars from influence realms. The difference between the summoners being from which magnitude plane they summon from, elemental or influence. This would allow for expansion of necro roll and deity choice. Calling forth a being from influence could still play to undead theme if desired.

The fact Veeshan and Cazic both make reptillian races makes a lot of sense from the aloofness of Veeshan and the late arrival of Cazic. Maybe they aren't natives of this universe at all.

Reptillian[edit | edit source]

I would also put evil eye in this category, possibly ilithid and siren

The common thread seems to be planar travel and a revolting flesh. Extra-Norrathian travelers.

Elemental[edit | edit source]





Influence[edit | edit source]

Sun ?





Its also interesting to note that legions of gods forces are loaned/bestowed, probably from some kind of parlay. Avocek are clearly not native to Plane of War, yet there they are although I think in their case they are <Traitors to Xegony>, not willfully loaned. Solusek Ro has many fire giants. Makes sense because he is allied with Zek.

What I see is a system of creation that makes prototypes which get filtered down thru the planes usually from parent elemental, and eventually placed on hero plane by gods of influence as a finished product.

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