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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Bonemire more
How to Start Speak to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle in The Bonemire (see below)
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
Preceded by:
Casualties of the War of the Fay
Followed by:
The Symbol in the Flesh
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Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

You must be able to speak Gnomish to accept this quest.

Starting the Quest[edit | edit source]

You need to talk to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle (titled as "an ambushed gnome") after saving him from two level 66 Doomwing ambushers. If just the ambushers are up, kill them. When they respawn, Gimdimble Fizzwoddle will be with them. Kill the Doomwing Ambushers before they kill him! ( 110, 70, 580 ) Copy He now starts you on the quest right away, instead of meeting him back at the crash site.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Harvest the Goo and Sample the Soil[edit | edit source]

a soil sample

  1. Harvest 5 purple goo from the blue rivers.These can be found at ( 44, 88, 588 ) Copy
  2. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle at the Crash Site ( -20, 43, 500 ) Copy and receive Fizzwoddle's Core Sampler
  3. Sample the ground using your Fizzwoddle's Core Sampler (Note - using the Sampler does not break invisibility, and you do need to make sure the title of the area comes up before you can use the item):
    • Hive Vornerus: Drednever Crash Site-12, 91, 802 ) Copy
    • Doomwing excavation: East of the Halls of Fate- island's cloud spot ( -255, -342, -40 ) Copy
    • Halls of Fate: Center island on Halls of Fate-33, -374, 5 ) Copy
    • Akharu's Dig Site: Island north of Halls of Fate center-island ( -3, -346, -185 ) Copy
    • Calling Pool: Island south-east of Halls of Fate center-island ( -106, -342, 155 ) Copy Also try ( -112, -343, 159 ) Copy
    • Remnants of Xoch: Island west of Halls of Fate center-island ( 189, -344, -11 ) Copy
    • Bashir's excavation: Island south-west of Halls of Fate center-island ( 143, -343, 134 ) Copy
    • Cacotoxic Stain: Take the cloud to Cacotoxic Stain ( 301, 198, -469 ) Copy
    • Carrion Briar: Take the cloud to Carrion Briar ( -58, -96, -624 ) Copy
    • Ghazi's Rest: Just north-east of the cloud on the Isle of the Ravasect949, -108, 445 ) Copy
  4. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle
  5. Enter the cave, Hive Vornerus, at ( 72, 101, 960 ) Copy in Drednever Crash Site. Collect soil samples 10 times.
    • The Vorenus prowlers and hivewards cannot see invisible players.
    • The soil samples are only found inside the hive, not the exterior.
    • There is a climbable wall at ( 18, 128, 930 ) Copy which you can use to avoid or break aggro.
  6. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle.

Harvest the Dizzwangle[edit | edit source]

A Gnomish Dizzwangle

Gimbimble's stolen tools

  1. Travel to Halls of Fate and go to the center island. Head for ( -50, -400, 35 ) Copy and start gently traveling down towards the island bottom.
  2. Harvest a Gnomish Dizzwangle from the very lowest reaches of the central Halls of Fate island ( -123, -771, 296 ) Copy.
    • The item may not appear immediately when you approach the area. You may need to move around the area to trigger the spawn.
    • You will know the item has spawned when you get the message "Careful! It's windy down here!"
    • Make sure you collect the item shortly after you see the message. If not collected, it will despawn after a few minutes.
    • Ground mounts which also reduce falling speed can actually make it more difficult to maneuver down the side of the island. It's recommended you dismount for this step of the quest.
    • After collecting the item, you will be tossed into the air. Remember, you can steer back towards the island. Facing inwards towards the center of the island when you collect the item can help ensure you land safely.
  3. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle.
  4. Kill the following:
    1. A Vornerus drone on Drednever Crash Site for 5 common updates near ( 182, 63, 1019 ) Copyor ( 212, 62, 859 ) Copy.
    2. A fetidthorn horror on Drednever Crash Site near ( -188, 77, 950 ) Copy for 5 common updates.
  5. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle.
  6. Grab Gimdimble's Tools at ( 240, -355, -32 ) Copy on Halls of Fate island. Remnants of Xoch is the straight west island.
  7. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle

He then tells you to kill the 'thing' on the island. No more info is given.

Kill the Young Dragon on the isle[edit | edit source]

  1. Kill the young dragon 65^^^ heroic (quest name, no NPC credit) on the Halls of Fate main island.
    • The dragon is underconned and fights more like a 70^^^ heroic name. It is immune to root and mez. It also has an incredible knockback that can throw you over the island's edge if you're not careful.
    • To spawn the young dragon if his timer is ready: Go the entrance of the Halls of Fate at ( -2, -375, -31 ) Copy. The young dragon will spawn down near where you picked up the cog earlier, and slowly fly up to his perch on the Halls of Fate building (takes about 5 minutes).
    • Suggestion: Keep your group at bottom of the stairs at the entrance into Halls of Fate building. Have one group member with the quest go and spawn the dragon, then run back. When the young dragon reaches its perch just above entrance, have your tank walk out and pull the young dragon inside and down to the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. The walls and ceiling surrounding the staircase will prevent you from being knocked around too far.
  2. Return to Gimdimble Fizzwoddle. Equip the cap he gives you first with +200 safefall, then use the rocket pack that he also gave you. After a short ride straight-up and a long fall down, go speak to Gimdimble again for your reward.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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