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The Withered Lands Crafting Timeline
Recommended Levels 90 to 92
Introduced: LU63
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Withered Lands
Preceded by: Destiny of Velious Crafting Timeline
Followed by: Scars of the Awakened Crafting Timeline

See the Tradeskill Timeline page for a complete list of all tradeskill quests from every expansion.


The Withered Lands Crafting Timeline is a series of quests that rewards adventurers with the level 91 / 92 Advanced and Essential versions of the Recipe books for their respective Tradeskill Class.

  • Travel to the Withered Lands using the New Combine Flightmaster who is on the last dock in Thurgadin Harbor.
  • The tradeskill area is in the cave in the New Combine Foothold. Cave entrance at ( -3669, -781, -135 ) Copy
  • A banker, a fuel vendor and crafting stations are nearby Porto Bunglefoot, but take what you need with you when going to Phaerus Thunderhorn or you'll be making two extra trips back.
  • For both Porto's and Phaerus' quests, you will need the following:
    • 15 matoppie roots
    • 6 swamp ash lumber
    • 15 rhenium ore
    • 12 thick bear pelts
    • 5 effulgent kindling
    • 9 effulgent coal
    • 9 effulgent filament
    • 14 effulgent sandpaper
    • a portable woodworking table with one charge
    • a portable engraved desk with one charge


Porto Bunglefoot[]

Porto Bunglefoot can be found at Loc ( -3830, -783, -27 ) Copy in the The Withered Lands.

  1. Preserving the Flank -- Reward is the level 91 Essential Recipe Book for your Tradeskill Class.
  2. Replacement Supplies -- Reward is the level 91 Advanced Recipe Book for your Tradeskill Class.
  3. A Mystery Satyr (91)

Phaerus Thunderhorn[]

Phaerus Thunderhorn can be found at Loc ( -46, -625, -617 ) Copy in the The Withered Lands.

  1. Clearing the Brush -- Reward is Exp and Coin only.
  2. A Timeless Instrument -- Reward is the level 92 Essential Recipe Book for your Tradeskill Class.
  3. Totemic Reinforcement -- Reward is the level 92 Advanced Recipe Book for your Tradeskill Class.

NOTE: If you complete the last quest in a group - you will get updates for each person making a totem - HOWEVER - you will need 4 totems to complete the quest. If you hand in before you have 4 you will not have the mats to make 4.
If this happens, delete the quest and start again.

Recipe Books[]

All of these books only require level 90 Tradeskill in the respective tradeskill class to scribe even though they contain recipes for levels 91 and level 92. These recipe books are received as quest rewards from the tradeskill questline that starts with Porto Bunglefoot. There are 4 recipe books per tradeskill class. The first and third books cover common-material recipes, while the second and fourth books cover rare-material recipes. The first two books contain level 91 recipes, and the second two books contain level 92 recipes, however all four books can be scribed by a level 90 tradeskiller.

Skyshrine Tradeskill Apprentices[]

There are two tradeskill apprentices that can be acquired within Skyshrine. Their recipes are detailed further on the Skyshrine Tradeskill Apprentices page.

  • In Dracur Prime (Advanced Solo) - talk to Deshniak to start a ring event. Use Deshniak's Research Prism which drops at the end of the battle (you should be min. level 90 to use this Prism). Consume Deshniak's Teleportation Stone to "place" Apprentice Overlord Deshniak in your house like other apprentice.