The Withered Lands
Levels 90-92
The Withered Lands
The Withered Lands
Introduced LU63
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Great Divide
Cobalt Scar
Dungeons Skyshrine: The City of Dracur
Quest Lines The Withered Lands Timeline
Harvesting Tier 10
NPCs Monsters Named
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The Withered Lands can be accessed from the Thurgadin Harbor in Great Divide by speaking to the New Combine Flight Master at ( 1278, -540, 306 ) /waypoint 1278, -540, 306 You can also get to it via Skyshrine Temple.

The zone is patrolled by a dragon named Viskudra. If Viskudra is in the area, she casts an uncurable curse that forces players in the air to land. Players without float or safe fall may take heavy or even lethal damage when falling out of the sky. Players can earn the ability to fly without worrying about being grounded in one of two ways. The first is to complete the quest The Call Home, which disables the curse. The other is to complete the tradeskill quest Totemic Reinforcement - completing this quest rewards a cloak, Shroud of Hidden Harvests, which makes players immune to the curse while it is equipped.

Lore Edit

Geography Edit

The Withered Lands is shaped roughly like a backwards S lying on its side. Adventurers arrive in the zone at the New Combine Foothold in the far east, and travel westwards. The path is linear, with a few extra areas off to the sides. The corrupted forests occupy three sections of the zone. This is followed by the barren canyon called Holgresh Pass. Holgresh Pass ends in a swamp called the Tears of Tunare. The Village of Alivan is south of the swamp.

Travel Edit

To travel to this zone, first go to Great Divide (Thurgadin Docks) and hail the New Combine Flight Master with a griffon at ( 1279, -540, 305 ) /waypoint 1279, -540, 305.

Flying above the trees in this zone can be dangerous. See the description above for the quests to make travel safer in this zone.

There is a griffin station that takes adventurers back to Great Divide in the New Combine Foothold, and a drake that takes them to Skyshrine: The City of Dracur in Village of Alivan ( -305, -744, 240 ) /waypoint -305, -744, 240.

There are horse stations at various places in the zone. Each individual horse must be clicked on before that station can be traveled to.

  • Combine Foothold ( -3537, -782, -62 ) /waypoint -3537, -782, -62 - New Combine Stable
  • Sanctuary of Waning ( -2279, -671, -175 ) /waypoint -2279, -671, -175 - Sanctuary of Waning Stable
  • Sanctuary of Mourning ( -1881, -594, -1089 ) /waypoint -1881, -594, -1089 - Mourning Lowlands Stable
  • Combine Caravan ( -1710, -600, -1226 ) /waypoint -1710, -600, -1226 - Combine Caravan Stable
  • Holgresh Overlook ( -558, -666, -439 ) /waypoint -558, -666, -439 - Holgresh Overlook
  • Sanctuary of Tears ( -234, -689, -660 ) /waypoint -234, -689, -660 - Tears of Tunare Stable
  • Alivan ( -305, -744, 240 ) /waypoint -305, -744, 240 - Alivan Stable

Map Edit

Map thewitheredlands

Dungeons Edit

Zone Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Zone Duration
Skyshrine: The City of Dracur 90-92 Group Shared Dungeon

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access To Access From
Great Divide 88-90 East Take the griffin station in the New Combine Foothold Take the griffin station at the Thurgadin Harbor

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description

Quests Edit

The Withered Lands Timeline

Similar Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
The Eidolon Jungle 92-95 Chains of Eternity Good zone for quests

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