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(11/10/06) The Whispers of the Spires
(11/15/06) The Shores of Growth

He strode in measured paces back and forth upon the balcony of the citadel, overlooking the crowds lining the streets below. Soldiers in dark armor kept the masses orderly and quiet. Those who could not draw close enough to see him gathered near the mystical stone statues that came eerily to life as he began to speak.

"Long has the city of Freeport thrived under my protection. Since the day I drove out the degenerate followers of Marr and united the city under a single banner, I have watched over the citizens of my kingdom and brought us prestige and prosperity. Across these Shattered Lands, all who hear the name of Freeport know it is a place to be respected.

"The gods of old sent their armies to destroy us. I slew the last of their jealous kind just outside these very gates, grinding their bones to dust as I led Freeport to victory. Despite their futile efforts to tear our lands asunder with earthquakes and disasters, our city remained safe within my benevolent grasp. Not even the destruction brought upon us by the Shattering could keep Freeport from its rightful destiny as the center of knowledge and power in Norrath."

He paused a moment, turning his eyes toward the sky. "And yet, the grim pallor of the past hangs over us still. These lingering clouds have kept our lands shrouded by a canopy of darkness unbefitting a kingdom of our stature. It is time for our city to emerge from the shadows of the past and shine as the brightest jewel in the crown of your Overlord.

"To prove yet again that the faded powers of the gods have no control over us, I shall restore the skies of D'Lere to their full glory through my will alone. I will drive away the darkness and let the sun shine upon us once again. Freeport will be seen throughout Norrath as a majestic pillar of strength, a sight that will cause the pathetic wretches of Qeynos and their ignorant queen to tremble before us."

He turned to the cloaked Teir'Dal standing behind him. "Now," he commanded.

The Foci raised her staff and pointed it at the sky. An arcane fire glowed within her eyes for a moment as she uttered a single word: "Rain."

The clouds began to slowly swirl and gather as a low thunder rolled in the distance. He turned back to the crowd below.

"Now, citizens of Freeport, watch as I cleanse our kingdom of the last remnant of a distant past. Today, as we stand on the threshold of a new frontier, know that it is my will, not the faded memory of long-dead gods, which sustains us. Give me your loyalty and I will give you... the world!"

As the Overlord raised his fist to the sky, the crowds cheered below. The soldiers began their familiar chant as the citizens joined in: "Strength in unity; unity in Lucan!"

A slight smile curled across his scarred yet ageless face as he basked in the obeisance of his subjects. The thunder rumbled again as the first drops of rain began to fall. "Mine," he told himself. "They are all mine."

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