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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone East Freeport more
How to Start Take the dagger over the fireplace inside the East Freeport inn ( -238, -56, -4 ) Copy and then examine it (in your inventory).
part of: Warlock Epic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Kyrtoxxulous' Challenge

What does this information mean?


  • You need to be a level 80 or higher Warlock to start this quest.
  • You will need the ability to enter the library inside Nektropos Castle (either by yourself or with the help of someone). See The Boar's Head and The Red Marble.
  • At least 15K faction with Residents of Teren's Grasp. See also Kylong Plains Timeline.
  • (Optional) Enough gathering skill to harvest tier 8 roots/bushes: Minimum 340 gathering skill without the use of skill-increasing equipment. This requirement can be avoided by buying the required items.


  1. Find out what happened to Ritter Shortshank:
    1. Find Shortshank's grave in the Coldwind Shores Cemetery in the Thundering Steppes1362, -1, -70 ) Copy. Dig up the grave and take the note from the coffin.
    2. Read "Ritter's Confession" in your inventory.
  2. Find more about Everling Village by locating the Journal of Samantha Rageshree in the library of Nektropos Castle-19, 14, 52 ) Copy. This appears as a glowing book on the center shelves.
  3. Find Dalmat Rageshree, an Everling village descendant, in the Tome of Death room of the Ruins of Varsoon237, -8, 55 ) Copy
  4. Retrieve a research tome that Dalmat Rageshree claims was stolen from him by a Qeynosian named Abelard Raleigh.
    1. Find and speak with Abelard Raleigh inside the Lion's Mane Inn and Tavern within South Qeynos516, -9, 132 ) Copy
    2. Continue to talk to Abelard Raleigh. He will refuse to give up Dalmat's tome and attack as a level 80^.
    3. Attempt to kill Abelard Raleigh to take the tome by force. If he disappears after you kill him and you haven't gotten the update wait for him to re spawn and kill him again until you get the update. (He will not become active for the update right when you hail him, so if you have a merc, dismiss him, as he will be killed too quickly)
    4. Return to Dalmat Rageshree in the Ruins of Varsoon and speak with him.
  5. Find the grave of Alexander Simond's wife, as indicated in the Simond's book:
    1. Inspect the grave of Yasinia Simond in Nektulos Forest behind Nektropos Castle-1627, 117, -1852 ) Copy.
    2. Defeat the guardian apparition that attacks you (level 81^)
    3. Loot and read the journal entry ("a torn out journal page") from the chest of the guardian apparition.
  6. Find out how to create the poison known as Siv'ajauhar's Kiss by speaking with Tahd Feek at Stealth and Skullduggery inside Teren's Grasp within Kylong Plains1734, 487, -1042 ) Copy.
  7. Gather the materials needed to create Siv'ajauhar's Kiss:
    • Collect 80 skorpikis venom sacks (from Durus decapitators, Durus scar guardians, etc).
      • Note: Durus Decapitators, Durus scar guardians, etc are located in Jarsath Wastes563, -60, -37 ) Copy There are approximately 42 of them in the Howling Stones chasm. Chrono to level 80 and run through with a merc to get the updates quickly. Two runs shouid yield enough for the quest.
    • Collect 6 Mantrap roots. These can be bought or harvested and come from either root or shrub nodes. Ran on 10/7/16 and mantrap roots were not required.
    • Collect 10 pieces of smoldering material. These also can now be bought or harvested and come from any T8 node.
      • NOTE: You can save a lot of money on these steps by buying ONE mantrap root or smoldering material, putting it on your broker, and taking it back out until you have all of the updates.(for bronze/silver player on the EQX server, you can just put them in to your guild storage box and remove them to get the update, as well.)
  8. Tahd Feek will be able to make the poison with these ingredients.
    1. Return and speak to Tahd Feek in Teren's Grasp
    2. Continue to talk to Tahd Feek as he finishes making the poison.
  9. Place the bottle of Siv'ajauhar's Kiss in the safe place mentioned in Alexander Simond's journal:
    1. Examine Yasmina Simond's grave behind Nektropos Castle in Nektulos Forest-1627, 117, -1852 ) Copy.
    2. Examine the gravestone, look closer, and pour the bottle down the cylinder hole. You'll receive another journal page and an idol.
  10. Find out more about Kyrtoxxulous and the idol:
    1. Head to South Qeynos mage tower, and go through the red portal. Down the stairs, turn right and around, then there will be a glowing book behind one of the pillars on the left hand side, ( 707, 42, 104 ) Copy. Take it.
    2. Examine the book and read the passage.
  11. Examine the shrine built to honor Kyrtoxxulous in the ravine in the Fens of Nathsar, near the Eastern Pens sokokar post-1687, -401, 1103 ) Copy,
  12. Locate a pox-ridden reet slave in the trakaraptor valley north of Outer Sebilis, ( -634, -68, 483 ) Copy in the Kunzar Jungle. You must understand Froak in order speak to him.
  13. Acquire the Idol of Sakpat'azif by looting it from the corpse of Xalgoz-140, -90, -4 ) Copy or the nearby Mistmoore Emissary, who are both in the basement of Karnor's Castle.
  14. Recover the Idol of Sital'athoth:
    1. Speak to a scorned reet slave behind the Myconid Spore King in Lower Sebilis ( -57, -110, 287 ) Copy. He will tell you the Idol was taken from him.
    2. Kill Taskmaster Kulrak in the Sebilis Slave Quarters ( -243, -25, 423 ) Copy. Everybody who needs the idol in the group gets it (body drop). Placeholder is "a foreman" with about roughly 10–20 minutes respawn. The placeholder will not give an update.
  15. Recover the Idol of Yam'alogaeth
    1. Speak to a liberated reet slave in the Reet Camp in Kunzar Jungle497, -97, 915 ) Copy. He will tell you he told the Di'Zok sarnak where the Idol was.
    2. Kill either the Queen Velazul Dizok or her placeholder, "a Gorowyn royal delegate", deep in Chardok palace area ( 1313, -67, 228 ) Copy and loot the Idol from the chest she drops. Everybody who needs it in the group gets the idol. (To get the Queen to spawn, all 4 of her kneeling guards that surround the throne must be killed. Once done the queen will spawn within 30 minutes.)
      • Note: I killed everything in the room she spawns in, was standing on her throne for 1 min.
  16. Complete the ritual started by the reet slaves.
    1. Place the idols around the makeshift shrine down in the ravine in eastern Fens of Nathsar ( -1687, -401, 1103 ) Copy and be ready for a fight.
    2. The spirit of Gherzhas (level 86^^^) will spawn and attack once you place the idols. Kill him to receive your quest reward.

STOP! If your goal is to have the Item for the Epic Conversion Timeline, you do NOT need to do the RAID version. You can begin that timeline now.



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This quest is part of the Warlock Epic Weapon Timeline, and can only be started/completed by a member of that class of at least Level 80.