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EverQuest II Kingdom of Sky Island Information
Level Range 55-70
Zone The Barren Sky (Kingdom of Sky)
Arriving Clouds See notes ( -461,-71,-440 )
Departing Clouds See notes ( -461,-71,-440 )

What does this information mean?


There is a climbable wall at (-585, -48, -449)


The cloud travel system was significantly changed

Cloud travel map after major travel updates. Shown here: leaving Isle of Guardians.

The cloud travel system was updated and all instant cloud routes are now connected, without any need to switch clouds from island to island. (with LU57)

  • When you click on the cloud at each landing pad, a map opens with all of the possible cloud travel locations.
  • In the same update that connected all of the cloud routes, the animated cloud ride was removed and you now instantly travel to the location you select from the map.

Anyone with a flying mount can also fly between islands using a mount instead.

To get to Barren Sky:

See a complete list of updated locations and a map shows points that can be accessed by spires see Ulteran Spires.

The Ulteran Spires in any zone can be used to travel to the Overealms: Tenebrous Tangle, Bonemire, and Barren Sky.




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