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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 108 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Keep more
How to Start speak to the Captain
part of: Fighter Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline
Preceded by:
The Warriors Call: Volume I
Followed by:
The Warriors Call: Volume III
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  1. Examine (Speak to) Slaviss. (left of Captain)
  2. Talk to the Captain again.
  3. I am looking for clues about the Receptacle of Time and Space.
    • Zone into Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants (Heroic). the Zone is in Kunzar Jungle.
      • Need to be in offensive stance to see book.
        • Shadowknights - Gravebond has been reported to conflict with this step. Cancel Gravebond and recast the lvl 113 version of Darkblade to resolve.
      • Book up on ledge behind the tree at ( -76, 0, -564 ) /waypoint -76, 0, -564.
      • NOTE: This can be done Solo - to get to the tree location, get off mount and get rid of Merc/Pet then zigzag through mobs (avoiding agro) to ( -85, -6, -504 ) /waypoint -84.76, -6.20, -503.98 once there, have to kiss the wall and go through obstacles and keep going passing all grouped skellies and noxious buildups until you reach the pilled up boxes in the corner wall (Ignore the Named Residual Slime. Near the wall + Boxes you are out of agro, just have to be careful. Use the boxes to find way up to ledge - once on ledge go towards the tree and you will eventually see the book on ledge behind the Tree. This is where things get tricky. As you get closer to the book, a single Torsis Shadow standing in front of the tree will agro. So you could pull Merc or pet and send them to attack the Torsis shadow then proceed to quickly grab book then evac or FD, or if died near book, self Rez and quickly grab book before you die again. In any case there is a good chance Torsis Shadow will agro no matter what as you approach the book to a clickable point. From the point you can see the book it is up to you which method to use to get the book and get out.
  4. Return this tome to the Captain.
  5. I am looking for another volume of The Warriors Way.
    • At Old Kael in Kael Drakkel in Eastern Wastes, chest ( -1775, 79, -1889 ) /waypoint -1775, 79, -1889 spawns Interrex Larkin.
      • Bring a group. Named has disarm, heavy stun, fear, and breaks your weapon slowly with each disarm. Lots of HP (182 Billion). ((Can be solo'd with healer merc, power and health potions, overclocked mana stone, and around 65k potency 4/8/18)
  6. Take the book back to the Captain.
  7. I am looking for any clues to the whereabouts of this missing tome.
  8. I am searching for an orc who may know the location of the tome I am searching for.
    • Wailing Caves, knock on the door at ( -226, -40, -106 ) /waypoint -226, -40, -106 to spawn Fighter Bjooln Nadd.
    • Note: Bring a group. Fear, heavy stun, disarm that slowly breaks your weapon, lots of HP (172.5 Billion HP).(Can be solo'd with healer merc, power and health potions, overclocked mana stone, and around 65k potency 4/8/18)
  9. Return this book to the Captain.
  10. Talk to the Expert at ( -176, 45, -79 ) /waypoint -176, 45, -79.
  11. I am searching for elements of temporal magic.
  12. Turn in the collection, then take the collection Reward to the Expert in the Keep.
  13. I am looking for 10 swords from "great" conquests. I need a red dragon scale. I should find a forge and create the Illustrium.
    • Receive Level 100 Artisan recipe for Illustrium Alloy.
    • This step requires Putting the Rage in Ragefire to complete. If you are not on this quest, you will not get the scale, even upon defeating Zordakalicus or even swords from "great conquest"
      • Travel to different Heroic Instances in Vesspyr Isles.
      • Once last named is killed, a pillar will spawn with a mob inside. Clicking the pillar starts the fight
        • These are one shot mobs; if you die, they disappear, and you will have to do another heroic zone. Each Vesspyr heroic can only be completed and reset once before you must wait out the 3 day timer, so try not to die!
      • There will be 1 ancestral champions sword in the chest.
      • There is also a chance to spawn the epic x2 dragon Zordakalicus Ragefire, needed for the red dragon scale. (Click the first Option on Zordakalicus to get the Version which drops the scale !)(minimum of 11 heroic zones needed). Note: All fighters in group will receive the scale.
      • To create Illustrium Alloy: 1 Everchurning Water, 10 ancestral champions swords, 1 scale of Zordakalicus Ragefire, 1 Luclinite nodule, 1 Super Heating Coal, and a forge. (Super heating coal and Everchurning water are bought from the Brewer in the Keep. Note that you will need a forge to make the alloy.) Use the Protector's Bauble to get to the Keep quick.
  14. I should speak further with the Expert. (These can be done out of order)
    • I am in search of re-crystallized glittervein ore.
      1. For the re-crystallized glittervein ore: speak to Super Forgebot 5150 in Maldura ( -66, 33, 130 ) /waypoint -66, 33, 130.
      2. Tells you to speak to Heccles Zaphardt ( -191, -3, -34 ) /waypoint -191, -3, -34, who gives you the hammer.
      3. Return to Super Forgebot 5150 with 10 glittervein ore and the hammer. Receive super heated glittervein ore ingot.
      4. Take to Thalumbra, ( 380, 87, 358 ) /waypoint 380, 87, 358 (flower petal shaped lava pool near the gremin tinkers outside of Maldura) and drop the super heated glittervein into lava (click on lava) for a minute (full 60 seconds, auto-update).
    • I am in search of mineral saturated steam.
      1. Purchase 2 items from faction vendors in the Hole:
      2. Go to Dartain's Fortress section of The Hole, in the room with the pools ( 537, 121, -350 ) /waypoint 537, 121, -350. Named Blart the Hot will spawn in the middle of the room. Lots of HP, bring a group, has 161 Billion HPs and 290 resolve. Drops Mineral saturated steam. (You need the straw and jar first before he will spawn)
    • I am in search of a corrosive inhibiting metal oil.
      • Kill the last named in Maldura: District of Ash (Heroic). Not a guaranteed drop off named every time, but it can drop from any final named in the zone (Verified 8-30-17).
    • I am in search of a harnessed lightning bolt.
      1. Speak to Fulmanatoa ( 1305, 370, -568 ) /waypoint 1305, 370, -568 (an island almost off the map far left of Droumlunds) in Vesspyr Isles.
      2. Find Jolty Joeanne ( 66, 190, 77 ) /waypoint 66, 190, 77 inside the Horde cave (entrance: ( -59, 201, -57 ) /waypoint -59, 201, -57) on the main island in Vesspyr. She will become aggro. You must kill her (even though Fulmanatoa asked you not to).
      3. Return to Fulmanatoa, who tells you to go to the core
      4. Kill the first named in The Nexus Core (Heroic). to raise the floor panels, then to the west room. Kill the Amalgam of Energy (Heroic). A pillar will spawn ( 401, 6, 0 ) /waypoint 400.52, 5.87, 0.48, rewards a Harnessed lightning bolt (not a guaranteed reward every time).
    • I am in search of an indestructible hammer.
      1. Buy an Everchurning Water from the Brewer in the Keep.
      2. Equip the Worker Sledgemallet and go swing at something until it procs and you are teleported to the Forge of Space and Time.
      3. Go to the middle of the room and use forge to create the hammer.
    • I am in search of a veiled mist anvil.
  15. Return to the Keep and speak to the Expert.
  16. Speak to the Captain.
  17. I need to place the veiled mist anvil. ( -102, 45, -97 ) /waypoint -102, 45, -97 in the Brewer's room.
  18. I should create the Receptacle of Time and Space.
  19. I should bring the Receptacle of Time and Space to the Captain.


This quest is part of the Fighter Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline, and can only be started by a member of that Archtype that matches the Requirements.

The information below has been verified with in-game data and the information on this page is correct, even if it looks stupid or makes no sense.

| "a corrosive inhibiting metal oil" Comes from any final named in the zone Verified 8-30-17}
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