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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Commonlands (Shattered Lands)
Location Although formery cut throught the entire zone, what's left starts in the north at ( 140, -38, -876 ) /waypoint 140, -38, -876 and ends at ( 138, -48, -37 ) /waypoint 138, -48, -37

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  • "The Wall of Taros is one of the most ancient monuments that can be found in The Commonlands. Built ages ago in The Age of Enlightenment by the Order of Marr's Fist, the wall once proudly ran the entirety of the midsection of the region, defending against the hostile eastern borderland. It was built to assist the knights in either defending the land or to lay claim to the territory. It was named after the High Lord William Taros and stood proudly until the end of the age when the Order of Marr's Fist vanished from existence. - (Source: Bootstrutter's Field Guide to the Commonlands)
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