The Village of Shin

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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Fallen Dynasty Shin
Level Range 50-70
Adjacent Zones Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, Mystic Lake, The Mediation Chamber
Instance Public
Timelines Fallen Dynasty Timeline
Quests / Collections NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
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Description[edit | edit source]

Map of Village of Shin

  • This zone is accessed via the world travel globe (on TLE servers, only the globes on the Nektulos Forest & Thundering Steppes docks) and is listed on the map as The Isle of Mara. (With LU56 the travel system was revamped and the world travel bells were replaced with globes.)
  • The quest The Far, Far Away Far Pelican was originally needed to access the Isle of Mara. The quest is still available but no longer required to access Mara.
  • This is the starting zone for the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack. It is a city zone with almost no combat encounters, but many quests.
  • The outpost nearest the dock is operated by the Far Seas Company, and provides basic city services including brokers and a banker.
  • The Village of Shin itself is across the river, and is a source of quests. You will need to complete some initial quests to earn the trust of the villagers. See the Fallen Dynasty Timeline for details.
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