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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Blood of Luclin
Level Range 115-120
Zone in from Wracklands
Entrance is at

( 727, 77, 696 ) /waypoint 727.46, 77.35, 696.05

Parent Zone Wracklands
Difficulty Group
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

First named : Rhag'Sekez[edit | edit source]

  • Roaming on the south side.
  • You pull him and he starts casting Tune Crystals. You need to stop hitting it and wait for the color of the rune.
    • If it's a red one, it will kill anyone that attacks it. You need to bring the mob close to the blue rune that appeared so that his killer buff fades.
    • If it's a blue one, it's mana drain but you can still hit it with good mana regen. Bringing him close to blue will cancel the drain buff.
    • If the mob is pulled to the exact midpoint, a balanced syngergy type icon will appear. This seems to be the ideal placement, though it can be difficult. Err on the side of blue.
  • Rince & repeat until it dies and don't forget the bulwarks :-)

Second named :[edit | edit source]

  • He will call for secondary colors , like "orange", after a while & become immune. You need to bring the mob to the 2 colors that make orange (hint : red & yellow) and his immune buff will fade after a while. When it does, 2 adds will spawn & you can dps it again.
  • Rince & repeat until it's dead.

Third named :[edit | edit source]

There is a puzzle involving the blocks to fill the chamber with water, no solution here so far. ( 4 gates, 4 plates by the gates, look at the picture above the gate the red symbol. count the red shapes ( sometimes all the shapes some times just the center ones ). on top of each block you will find red dots. if the picture has 7 red shapes then put a block with 7 dots on it onto the plate, if the picture has 24 red shapes on it then put multi blocks adding up to 24 on the plate. when you get it right you will hear and see a change to the gate. Do this for all 4 gates

Once the named is pulled a LARGE bubble will form. Drag the named into the large bubble. About every 25% the bubble will pop and a new bubble will form (I believe it was in a clockwise order). Move to the next bubble, rinse, and repeat.

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