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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU103
Level Range 100
Zone in from Proving Grounds
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 3 hours - 6 hours
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

The Underdepths (Proving Ground) is a solo zone in which you take control of a powerful avatar within the depths of Skyshrine.

Entering the ZoneEdit

Click the portal behind the Proving Grounds Scoreboard ( 21, 1, -63 ) /waypoint 21, 1, -62.69.

Avatar CombatEdit

  • In this Proving Ground, you fight as an avatar rather than as your actual toon.
  • You may select one of two avatars by clicking the appropriate glowing rune in the first room: the Skyshrine Guardian, or the Skyshrine Infiltrator.
Skyshrine Infiltrator Rune Proving Grounds

Skyshrine Infiltrator rune (Proving Grounds)

Skyshrine Guardian Rune Proving Grounds

Skyshrine Guardian rune (Proving Grounds)

Avatar AbilitiesEdit

Each avatar begins with five abilities unlocked. As you defeat bosses for the first time, you are granted six more abilities that are the same, regardless of class. In subsequent matches, your keybindings are saved, but the skills do not unlock until the appropriate boss is defeated.

Starting AbilitiesEdit

Skyshrine Infiltrator Starting Abilities

  • Sly Retribution: increases multiple attack chance, crit bonus, attack speed, and has a damage shield component.

Skyshrine Guardian Starting Abilities

  • Reflective Devotion: increases multiple attack chance, crit bonus, attack speed, and has a damage shield component.
  • Vengeance: direct damage (mental) with a DOT component.

Additional AbilitiesEdit

Additional abilities are unlocked as you defeat bosses:

  • Kero'Var grants you Kick Up Dust, an Area-Of-Effect attack ability that also increases damage done to the target.

See the Discussion Page for strategy information.


  • You must be level 100 to participate in the solo PG.
  • You are dismounted while there, recast your mount upon leaving.
  • Some buffs receive an overhead message that they "... have been upgraded and need to be recast". It's not clear what effect this has since this PG is solo and does not use your skills.


Unlike the ranked matches, you may not always receive a reward for every boss defeated, as there are multiple bosses in some checkpoints. You do however still receive the one reward per checkpoint cleared, with a larger reward for defeating the final checkpoint, and a bonus reward for beating the goal time of 15 minutes.

Marks of Glory are account-wide and thus accessible by all your characters from your Currency page.

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See AlsoEdit

  • Terrius has posted a strategy and video of Underdepths on the official forums.
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