Northern Oasis Twin Tears

The northern oasis of the Twin Tears

Southern Oasis Twin Tears

The southern oasis of the Twin Tears

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Sinking Sands (Desert of Flames)
Location In the northwestern part of the zone. ( -452, -75, -993 ) /waypoint -452.45, -74.74, -992.99 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) yes

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The Oasis of Marr is not the only source of fresh water in the Sinking Sands, as this area is now called. Two large pools separated by a ridge of sand are rings of greenery on the desert plateau. Avoid the dry bone skeletons which inhabit the area and climb this ridge. The views are marvelous, looking toward the surrounding sea and the Pillars of Flame. If you chance upon the carpet merchant before coming to this spot, you will find your purchase quite useful.

Also known as the Tears of Marr, these oases are home to two warring tribes. The southern oasis, the Oasis of Raef, is home to the Alliz Raef Ew Lizardmen. The northern oasis is home to the Anaz Mal Gnolls, who to this day are vassals to the ancient undead Sul'Dal Elves. Indeed, the entrance to their long dead city lies within that oasis.


  • The southern oasis is referred to as the 'Oasis of Raef' in the quest A Final Note.
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