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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Miscellaneous
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Jarsath Wastes more
How to Start Talk to Daleen Blackwood
Preceded by:
Harbingers of Change
Followed by:

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NOTE: This quest MUST be done solo!! If you are grouped with other people that need this quest, they will not get the updates.
NOTE: TLE: This quest is not completable due to it needing DoV access to enter Spiritual Wound


  1. Find Yeomal Fallenecho ( 514, -31, -255 ) /waypoint 514, -31, -255 at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos if you are Good or Izius J'lok at the Temple of War in North Freeport if you are Evil.
  2. Enter the Cult's hovel ( -396, 13, 13 ) /waypoint -396, 13, 13 in the Village of Somborn in Loping Plains (it's a small solo instance)
  3. Investigate the shape at the other end of the hovel
  4. Talk to and defeat the new Truespirit: Ral-Gatha
  5. Talk to Daleen Blackwood
  6. Leave Sellok's Hovel by clicking the exit in the ceiling
  7. Confront Ral-Gatha
  8. Talk to Daleen Blackwood
  9. Return to Yeomal Fallenecho or Izius J'lok
  10. Find Sellok's Broken Hideout in Nektulos Forest ( 1052, 0, -338 ) /waypoint 1052, -0, -338. Note: Do not enter as a group. There is only one set of shinys.
  11. Search for the Axioms (you won't find them, just move around the small zone)
  12. Talk to Daleen to be able to see the Axioms (green shinies)
  13. Collect the Axioms to complete the Axiom of Ral-Gatha Collection
  14. Talk to Daleen
    • Note: For this step, Daleen is a Collector and will cash-in ALL completed collection rewards you have ready, not just the Axioms
  15. Find and enter the Spiritual Wound (it's a small solo instance)
  16. Confront and defeat Ral-Gatha
  17. Talk to Daleen
  18. Leave the spiritual wound then talk to Daleen
  19. Find the broken arrow in the underwater Sirens' Cave in Butcherblock Mountains
    • Note: Although the mobs that you fight will scale with your level, please note that the mobs in Butcherblock will not, like the level 25 sirens in the underwater cave. Look out for a big concrete-like block in the middle of the small cave, which is click-able ( 731, -7, -313 ) /waypoint 731, -7, -313.
  20. Return to Yeomal Fallenecho or Izius J'lok
  21. Return to Daleen in Sellok's Hideout in Nektulos Forest
  22. Enter the spirit realm wound
  23. Fight Ral-Gatha until Daleen shoots it with the arrow
  24. Pick up the arrow
  25. Leave the spirit realm wound
  26. Talk to Daleen


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