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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Lost Temple of Cabilis more
How to Start Speak to Xuurk ( 51, -11, 224 ) /waypoint 51, -11, 224
part of: Greenmist Timeline
Preceded by:
The Path of Fear
Followed by:
The White Dragonscale Cloak
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Notes on the Besieged DocksEdit

  • Zoning out and back in resets the zone.
  • The mobs constantly respawn.
  • The instance is based on pre-LU62 East Freeport, but with the old citadel gate retitled to "West Freeport gate".
  • Keep your group close together or distant members will not receive updates for clickable tasks.
  • Waypoints for the interactive NPCs/objects can be found on the talk page.
  • The entrance bell is located in Fens of Nathsar.


  1. Travel to the shores off the Field of Bone and click the bell to zone into a special instance of East Freeport ( -1820, -400, -2433 ) /waypoint -1820, -400, -2433 called Besieged Freeport Docks
  2. Kill 10 freeport defenders (level 78^)
  3. Heal 6 wounded crusaders (NPCs) using an iksar healing tonic acquired from a crate on the dock next to Xuurk ( -302, -56, -76 ) /waypoint -302, -56, -76
  4. Speak to Xuurk
  5. Seal off the gates:
    • North Freeport gate: move the four barrels ( -186, -56, -109 ) /waypoint -186, -56, -109 up against the gate
    • West Freeport gate: move the pile of refuse ( -51, -21, 90 ) /waypoint -51, -21, 90 to in front of the gate
    • South Freeport gate: move the cart ( -183, -57, 105 ) /waypoint -183, -57, 105 to in front of the gate
  6. Speak to Quartermaster Hedoral on the dock ( -290, -56, -82 ) /waypoint -290, -56, -82
  7. Spread confusion in the enemies forces:
    • Destroy 5 powderkegs around the upper plaza
      • If you zone out while on this step but before blowing up the barrels they will not be up when you return. Speak to the Quartermaster again to respawn them
    • Destroy 5 supply stockpiles on the southern dock (approx loc -203.83, -56.07, 49.65)
    • Speak to 5 confused iksar citizens
  8. Return to Xuurk
  9. Kill Dreadnaught Blackengrit, a level 80^^^. Hits hard, is immune to root/mez/stun, but has little HP
    • If he was up when you reached this step, he will despawn and respawn on the hill road, and path back down to the dock
  10. Use the bell near the ship to zone back out to the Fens near the Lost Temple
    • Note: "Fast Travel" Will not update the quest, you need to use the bell
  11. Return to Xuurk in the Lost Temple of Cabilis


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