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The Tribunal
The Tribunal, The Council of Justice
The Council of Justice
Alignment - Neutral
Prophet - Justinian Theo

The Plane of Justice is ruled by a council of six beings known as the Tribunal. The members of the Tribunal wear dark, hooded cloaks and masks and each carries a large warhammer. The plane itself is inhabited only by beings imprisoned here by the Tribunal for crimes against the universe and by the golems the Tribunal has constructed to serve as guards. They are allied with no one, enemies with no one.


Accepting Your Deity[]

Speak to Justinian Theo-291, 2, -155 ) Copy in Timorous Deep on Chrykori Village to become a follower of the Tribunal.

Devotion Quests[]

  1. The Tablets of Judicare Septem
  2. True and False
  3. Key Evidence
  4. Trial of the Gatekeeper
  5. The Jury


(All 10 minute duration - 1 hour recast)

Blessing Name Favor Description
Unquestioned Oath 750 Increases WIS, STR, STA, INT and AGI by 90*
Virtue of the Six 875 Improves reuse of all combat arts by 10% & casting by 12.5%
Inquiry 1000 Increases Hate gain by 45%*. When you are damaged has a 10% chance to cast Inquiry (increase threat to targets in AoE by 1,480*)
Law and Order 1125 Increases in combat health regen by 589.5*, increases mitigation by 1215*
Scales of Justice 1250 20% of all damage received is converted into health


  • Favor cost for Blessings are in the form of Humble/Justinian's depending on the Altar you possess.
  • Numbers denoted with an asterisk (*) scale with level. The provided numbers apply at level 90.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Perjury 1125 (1 min duration) - 30% of all damage received is done to power instead of health
Vigilante Justice 1312 (30 sec duration) - Increase DPS by 40, on every successful melee attack inflicts 208 divine dmg
Word of the Magistrate 1500 (30 sec duration) - Increase hate gain by 100%, Increase all resists by 3200, when you are damaged with melee, inflicts 208 divine dmg
Hammer of Justice 1687 (Up to 1 min duration) - Summons limited hammer pet
Final Judgement 1875 Inflicts magic dmg on target equal to 50% of caster's total health, cannot exceed 50% of target's max health, applies immunity to this for 30 sec, must be hated by your target

note: Favor cost for Miracles are in the form of Humble/Justinian's depending on the Altar you possess. Description numbers are approximate, as they scale with level and stats


Pet Cloak Avatar
The Tribunal's Bailiff Cloak of Justice Avatar of Justice
Tribunalpet.jpg Cloak of Justice (vis).jpg Avatar of Justice.jpg