The Tower of the Drafling Timeline
Recommended Levels 40 to 45
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: The Tower of the Drafling
  • This is a master quest list that excludes any holiday/event related quests.
  • All quests listed here, unless noted, can be started and completed as of May 2018.

Access QuestEdit

Examined QuestsEdit

The following quests must be examined in order:

  1. [44] A Voice in the Air
  2. [44] Evict the Seelie Guests
  3. [44] The Buzzing Flower
  4. [44] The Voice Speaks Again
  5. [44] The Final Request

Dropped QuestsEdit

Other QuestsEdit

These quests involve The Tower of the Drafling, but are not necessarily part of the timeline:


See: The Tower of the Drafling Discovery Locations
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