Talvus Thex, leader of the Thexians

The Thexians (Shattered Lands)
The Thexians are dark elves that promote the return of traditional ways of the Teir'Dal, something that has vanished since their refuge within the walls for Freeport, a city of men. The Thexians operate in secrecy and seek only the alliance of Teir'Dal.

As revealed in the Darklight Wood Timeline, the Thexians seek to remove the current ruler of the dark elves, Queen Cristanos, from her seat of power in Neriak and install Talvus Thex, Cristanos' son, as king of dark elvendom on Norrath. They have gone to great lengths to gain en edge over The Dreadguard and any force that would dare challenge their claim. The Thexians have employed vampires and Lord Everling to create distractions or tools to use on their enemies. Currently, they are searching Nektulos Forest and Fallen Gate for powerful weapons.

No known allies
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