Peacock Club Timeline [edit]
1. A Damsel in Distress
a. Trap Snapping
b. My Service for an Idol
c. The Bones in the Box
2. The Tale of Dalgin B'Dynn
3. Welcome to the Peacock Club
a. A Thief in the House of Coin
b. A Thief in the House of Truth
c. A Thief in the House of Blades
4. Down to the Last Peacock
5. Secrets of a Used Skull
6. A Final Note
7. Delving into Darkness
8. I Seek Knowledge
9. Auxiliary Service
10. A Frightful Feast
11. Finding My Way
12. Tracing the Map
13. Undead Censership
a. The Secrets of Im'Sekt
b. The Secret of Du'Mutef
c. The Secret of Qey'Nuf
d. The Secret of Hak'Pyz
14. From Hands of Stone
15. Confirming the Right Track
16. The Seal of the Sea
17. An Offering and Peace
18. Time for a Garden Party
19. Wrapping It All Up
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Maj'Dul
Journal Level 47 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Maj'Dul more
How to Start Speak to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael
part of: The Peacock Club Timeline
Preceded by:
A Damsel in Distress
Followed by:
Welcome to the Peacock Club
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  1. Talk to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael to get the quest. Inspect the book next to him titled "1001 Tales of Maj Dul," then write your name, write the title "The Undead Fate of Dalgin B'Dynn" and then keep clicking next page until you update.
  2. Locate Hullcrasher Rock in Sinking Sands ( -1802, -228, -287 ).
  3. Slay The Sage of Sea Winds who spawns and attacks at ( -1870, -205, -317 ).
    • Run up the path, past the Sirens until you reach a climbing point (around the corner of the rock), The Sage of Sea Winds will spawn and attack. Keep going to get rid of the sirens and turn around to face The Sage of Sea Winds.
  4. Examine the gravestone in the croc caves ( -1245, -233, -802 ).
  5. Slay The Sage of Shadows, who spawns and attacks.
  6. Locate the Aquaduct Ruins ( -747, -108, -547 ).
  7. Slay The Sage of Sandstorms, who spawns and attacks.
  8. Locate the Spectre Tower ( -1298, -223, -126 )
  9. Slay The Sage of Whispering Death, who spawns and attacks.
  10. Locate Dalgin B'Dynn's Demise, a broken cage under the water at the ocean entrance of the croc caves ( -1260, -236, -1112 ).
  11. Slay Dalgin B'Dynn, who spawns and attacks.
  12. Return to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael.


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