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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Village of Shin  (AA)
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Village of Shin more
How to Start Speak to Captain Ingrid on the docks ( -28, -2, 118 ) /waypoint -28, -2, 118)
part of: Fallen Dynasty Timeline
Preceded by:
Improving Relations with the Locals
Followed by:
Access to Tower of the Four Winds
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Steps Edit

  1. Speak to Chief Ko-ma Nurwin in a house off the Courtyard of Hope. ( 44, 15, -119 ) /waypoint 44, 15, -119
  2. Speak to Guard Captain Urtai near Sighing Willow Pond. ( -142, 1, -96 ) /waypoint -142, 1, -96
  3. Speak to Aras Nurwin in the Outpost Tavern. ( -87, -2, 109 ) /waypoint -87, -2, 109
  4. Speak to Terai Augren near the Mystic Waterfall. ( -249, -1, -79 ) /waypoint -249, -1, -79
  5. Speak to Jai-la Ventur who wanders near the shore. ( 116, -2, -26 ) /waypoint 116, -2, -26
    • Note: At around 6:30 AM she walks out to the beach. Be sure to follow her to the beach. You must walk up behind her to trigger the next step. She will toss something into the water and the quest completion flag will appear. When speaking with Jai-La, you will also be offered the quest The Pirate's Bride. She also appeared there around 1:30 AM and later in the day, probably around 5:00 PM. The times seem to be somewhat random. It seems that if you remain too close while she's on the beach, she won't throw anything into the water. If she comes to the beach, back off a bit and then you should be able to hail her. She may be "up" all the time now.
  6. Speak to Guard Captain Urtai again.
  7. Return to Chief Ko-ma Nurwin to claim your reward.

Reward Edit

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