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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Plane of Magic  (AA)
Journal Level 106 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Plane of Magic more
How to Start Speak to Ta-hetu at ( -462, 162, -777 ) /waypoint -462, 162, -777
part of: Planes of Prophecy Timeline
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  1. Collect 8 starfire crystals by clicking on yellowish crystals on the bluffs and plateaus. You can do this while flying.
    • Sometimes a starfire defender will spawn, other times you'll get an update.
    • There is At Least a 50% chance of getting the starfire defender. When the NWNRNG goes against you, you can get 6 or 8 in a row. It is much faster to do the other three, even releasing the spirits!, to gain the faction you need. This can be conflicting as flying all around the outside of the zone and clicking the ghosts can take 12 minutes so neither quest is a good option.
    • Oddly enough, if you stay completely still after the starfire defender spawns, after a minute or so of intimidatingly staring at you it will just go away.
  2. Click on grinder barrel at ( -437, 165, -809 ) /waypoint -437, 165, -809.
  3. Click on the Starfire Dust Storage at ( -441, 165, -806 ) /waypoint -441, 165, -806.


  • At least 1p 53g 9s
  • Completing this quest gives -850 faction with House Vahla
  • Completing this quest gives -850 faction with House Yrzu
  • Completing this quest gives +850 faction with Pride Pakiat
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