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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Commonlands  (AA)
Journal Level 16 (Tier 2)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Commonlands more
How to Start Speak with Ventar T'Kal at the East Nomad Camp. ( -149, -48, -817 ) /waypoint -149, -48, -817
part of: The Commonlands Timeline
Preceded by:
Gifts from the Earth
Followed by:

What does this information mean?

This quest is unavailable to characters of Good-alignment.


  1. Kill Shin`Ree avengers outside of Wailing Caves around ( -247, -48, -854 ) /waypoint -247, -48, -854.
Blood-stained finger bones
  1. Harvest 5 blood-stained finger bones that drop from the orcs upon their death.
    • These bones do not drop from a chest, corpse nor are they auto-updated - they are gathered from the ground. Furthermore, the bones do not drop from every orc skeleton and are very tiny. If you are having trouble seeing them, zoom your camera in.
  2. Return to Ventar.

Rewards Edit

  • At least 9s 94c
  • Completing this quest gives +75 faction with The Freeport Militia
  • One of the following, based on Class:
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